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Featuring Joel Lesses, President & Executive Director of Education Training Center, Inc.; Sameria Mbili, former President, Peace Action Canisius College & Member, WNY Peace Center; with host Victory Ross, LMSW, QCSW, WNYPC Board Chair.

Reimagining Public Safety in Erie County

Values and discussion topics: What makes a community safe? Community Responders Pilot Program campaign for mental health & health professionals and peers to respond to low-risk 911 calls (i.e., health and social needs); avoid police tragic mishandling (e.g., Daniel Prude);  No New Jail for Erie County; ways people can help, get more involved.

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About the WNY Peace Center

Dedicated to the promotion of peace through justice at home and abroad.

The Western New York Peace Center has been working for peace through justice at home and abroad, since its founding in 1967 as a chapter of Rev. Dr. King’s Clergy and Laity Concerned. We are dedicated to enriching the quality of life of our local and global communities through the prevention of violence to people and the planet. Peaceful conflict resolution among people and within institutions, especially for youth, is central to our mission.

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“I am so deeply blessed to come back to Buffalo to highlight 53 years of high quality service love and struggle for justice on behalf of my brothers and sisters of all colors who have chosen to build on the legacy of the clergy and laity concerned. I’ve come here to learn! I’ve come here to listen! But I’ve come here most importantly to rejoice for 53 years of struggle! Western New York Peace Center, let the world just look at you, look at yourselves these 53 years you’ve been bearing that kind of witness!…” 

-Dr. Cornel West, 2020 WNYPC Annual Fundraiser

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