Past Campaigns – Highlights


Poor People’s Campaign: A National Campaign for Moral Revival

While the Poor People’s Campaign actually started earlier in WNY, with a book club reading Rev Dr Barber’s The Third Reconstruction, and continued with the Truth Commission on Poverty in January, the publishing of a highly impactful report by our allies at Partnership for the Public Good in April, and numerous Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action trainings; the real kick-off was the 40 Days of Action, that started on Mothers’ Day and launched a massive movement to address the evils of poverty, racism, militarism, and ecological devastation. Every week for six weeks all kinds of people across the country congregated at their state capitals to raise awareness about the unique and common ways they are affected by the evils. Well over 100 participated in civil disobedience in NYS, with many more nationally, to withdraw their consent from a status quo that doesn’t prioritize the basic rights and needs of humans. We had trips from Buffalo every week since the beginning of the Revival. For more info, go to


Students For Action: Town Hall Meetings For Our Lives

April 7 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

In April there were a number of student-led town halls, organized by Students For Action who want to meet their representatives, or their opponents for those who won’t show. At St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, some 250 gathered to listen to and see these fantastic young people: they are not “radical partisans” but rather concerned, intelligent young men and women worried about their futures and their communities. There were also town halls organized by Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School, the after school club organized by the Omega Gents fraternity, and workshops sponsored by Tapestry High School. This project is ongoing. Students For Action are really getting traction, including in voter registration and general activism. They’re mad as heck and they’re not going to take it any more. And we support them 100%!


“NEVER AGAIN” Candle light vigil and call to action for Parkland/March For Our Lives – WNY/Students for Action – town halls etc.

On Thursday, March 1, 7 PM at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, we held the “Never Again” Vigil, with students taking the lead. “Never Again” must mean Never again for anyone. We stood with our students, Sandy Hook to Parkland. Candlelight Vigil and Call to Action for victims of gun violence at Parkland, and everywhere. People of all faiths and philosophies came together in loving memory and in determination for Action to change the trajectory of increased guns and violence that we are all suffering from.
Organized by NYers Against Gun Violence, WNY Peace Center, and 15 cosponsors.

We followed that up with March For Our Lives – WNY, March 24 in Niagara Square, against gun violence in our schools and communities, in solidarity with the Washington DC March For Our Lives organized by the student survivors in Parkland, Florida. #NeverAgain should our children have to be afraid to go to school because our politicians are too busy filling their pockets with NRA contributions to do the right thing to keep people safe. Rally and circular march (est. 1 mile), featuring speakers and performers. We had an Indigenous Gnohnyoh/Thanks-giving and traditional opening; followed by music from the Dooleys, followed by our wonderful YOUTH speaking and leading the way to real change! About 3,000-4,000 came out. We were and are especially grateful to Mayor Brown for hosting; to New Yorkers Against Gun Violence for organizing along with us; and to our 45 committed cosponsors!



21: Women’s Solidarity March – WNY; Still Resisting Weekend

On January 21, 2018, thousands of women, femmes and allies came together to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March and to launch our collective 2018 Women’s March agenda: #PowerToThe Polls. Last year, over 3,000 people gathered in downtown Buffalo to send a message that we remain a humanitarian, inclusive majority that believes ALL people are deserving of dignity, respect, and the fundamental American promises of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” This year was another record-breaker, with 4,500-5,000 in attendance. We also sponsored a bus to the Women’s March in Seneca Falls the previous day, where well over 10,000 gathered. The message came through loud and clear: Women are in Solidarity with all other Peace and Justice Movements, promoting People and the Planet. We will create a culture of justice and peace to benefit all, especially the most vulnerable. And we shall overcome!!



21: No Hate, No Mandate March and Rally (A Women’s March on Washington Sister March)
“Over 150 U.S. cities are hosting sister marches on Saturday, January 21 in solidarity with communities most affected by hate, intolerance, and acts of violence. In addition to the United States, sister marches are confirmed in at least two dozen cities around the world. From Buffalo to Brussels, Sydney to Seattle, and everywhere in between, we stand together in a spirit of democracy, dignity, and justice.”


29: Water is Life Walk on Buffalo

“Co-sponsored by Buffalo Supports Standing Rock Water Protectors, including Indigenous Womens’ Initiatives, Burning Books, Interfaith Peace Network, NACS, and others.

WATER IS LIFE WALK calls on all water protectors publicize this terrible threat to our water, environment, and indigenous peoples and lands; and calls on all to protect our lakes and watersheds against Big Oil and Big Gas. We stand for renewable energy and against fossil fuels. Donald Trump and his administration are allowing cronies to squeeze the last of the quick big money out of the fossil fuels, but the people and the planet pay the price.”



5: No Ban. No Wall. Rally for Immigrant Refugee & Muslim Solidarity

March with us on Sunday to show that you won’t stand for the extreme hate evidence by recent Executive Orders barring citizens of seven Muslim countries from entry into the US. Learn how you can become involved with local organizations, change the world we live in, and help our incredible refugee and immigrant community through donations to and volunteering for local resettlement agencies; pressuring local politicians to make NYS a Sanctuary State; and demanding that NYS fill the budget gap for resettlement.”

15: No Human is Illegal: Solidarity Rally

“Wed. Feb.15, 4pm-6pm NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL: solidarity rally, against expansion of ICE powers and raids. Starts at 130 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202 Upstate residents will march in solidarity with our undocumented neighbors, and for anyone detained pending lengthy deportation proceedings, especially those detained in isolation. Rallies simultaneously happening in Syracuse (213 South Salina St), and in Geneva (433 Exchange St). Organized by Indivisible Seneca Falls.”

26: Rally for Transgender Civil Rights

“In response to the federal government’s attack on the transgender youth of America, we will stand up for the rights of trans youth, this Sunday at Niagara Square, Buffalo. While here in New York we have legislated protections for them, the ramifications of the Trump administration’s actions today will directly affect and put in harm’s way children in states where no such legislation exists. Cosponsored by local LGBTQ and allied organizations, the rally will show that WNY stands for transgender civil rights, and for protecting all children. We hope to see you there.

To stay up to date on information on this rally click here:


5: People’s March for Education Justice

“Students, teachers, parents and community members across New York will come together in their local cities to speak up for education justice. In Buffalo, we’ll start with a rally at Erie Co Holding Center, continuing with march to City Hall (Niagara Squ), and ending at Hutch Tech HS (256 South Elmwood Ave).

It has been ten years since a New York court ruled in favor of a lawsuit lead by parents that New York State was failing to provide its children with the sound, basic education that is their constitutional right. A decade later, well over a million students are attending schools still owed over $4.3 billion in funding — nearly two-thirds of which is owed to Black and Brown students.

Help us in demanding that Governor Cuomo fulfill his promise to stand up for all communities.”

8: A Day of Action on City Hall: International Women’s Day

“What: A day of pre-scheduled constituent meetings with all nine Buffalo Common Council members and their staffs to discuss the Buffalo CEDAW ordinance. You do not need to be a resident of the City of Buffalo to attend the Common Council advocacy day.
When: March 8, 2017 (times will vary per council member)
Where: Buffalo City Hall, 65 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202

If you are interested in being a part of our Campaign (either as an individual or organization) or joining our Steering Committee, please contact us at <>. To learn more about the Campaign, please visit our website <> or contact Steering Committee Member Tara Melish at”

9: Solidarity Rally for José Perez

“Workers’ Center member and leader, Jose Coyote Perez, was detained by ICE in Batavia. We’ll rally in Jose’s support at 6-8PM, at Congressman Chris Collins’ office at 2813 Wehrle Dr, Williamsville/Lancaster.

Jose is also a father of four children and community leader in Upstate and Central NY, member of the Workers’ Center of CNY and other community organizations. His case was administratively closed in September, but he was detained on February 24, 2017.”

10: Indigenous People’s March on D.C. & Local Solidarity

“Bus or van to DC being arranged. Local solidarity action: 3pm rally at 130 South Elmwood Federal Bldg; march 4pm, to Bank of America, 10 Fountain Plaza (Main and Huron), Buffalo. Respect Indigenous Sovereignty, all treaties, and the need for prior and informed consent re land and resource use and abuse.”

17: Rapid Response Environmental Action

“Join us at 617 Main St. at 12:30pm to rally and petition business leaders for environmentally sound policies:

  1. No to a $7+ billion nuclear bailout for Exelon Corporation – No nukes!
  2. No to a National Fuel Gas rate hike decided by an illegitimate quorum of 2 PSC commissioners – No hike!
  3. No to water permits for National Fuel’s Northern Access Pipeline – No pipe!
  4. Yes to the Climate and Community Protection Act – Climate justice is a right!”

19: Taqueria Sunday Fundraiser for the #Buffalo25

“Taqueria Sunday at Pilgrim-St Luke’s, 335 Richmond Ave, Buffalo. Come enjoy great tacos (also to go) while supporting the #Buffalo25 and their families! $10 for three tacos, beverage, and dessert. The solidaridad is priceless!”

23: No “Wealthcare” Tax Breaks for King Collins Rally

“Thursday is a national day of action to oppose the American Healthcare Act, aka Trumpcare or Ryancare. Join us rallying outside ZeptoMetrix (878 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202), one of the biotech companies Collins is heavily invested in.  Why?  Because while over 109,000 people in the 27th District could possibly lose their healthcare under the AHCA and WNY could lose upwards to 2,000 healthcare jobs, biotech companies like ZeptoMetrix and Innate Immunotherapeutics (another of Collins’ babies) stand to gain big time.  So on Thursday, let’s keep the pressure on Rep. Collins – let’s make sure he knows the AHCA is a non-starter! Co-sponsored by: CWA 1168, Buffalo Resists, Sister District WNY, WNY Peace Center, and more to be added! MORE INFO:

30: Indigenous Women: Human Rights Protections and Activism

“Day-long (8:30am-4:30pm) symposium by UBSSW and partners (incl WNYPC). Central Public Library, Buffalo.

Two topics explored are: human rights activism around the hundreds of murdered and missing Indigenous women from First Nations in Canada, also known as the Stolen Sisters. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada recently established a new federal commission to investigate this epidemic. We have hopes that it may result in productive federal action and accountability.”


4: March to End the Violence of Racism and Poverty Pay

“Join us at Best & Main St. at 3pm to March and Remember Dr. King’s principles and sacrifice. We’ll stop at Fosdick Field/City Honors HS; the Armory; the Masten Mural; and go on to MLK Park (eta 4:45pm), with speakers reminding us of justice and solidarity all along the way.

On April 4, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, the Fight for $15 and groups organizing under the Black Lives Matter banner will join forces in a day of action to fight systemic racism and poverty wages that are dragging communities of color down all across the country.

Here in Buffalo NY; Fight For $15, Black Lives Matter, The Western New York Peace Center and several others have partnered to honor the dream King had by joining with the hundreds of thousands of working people across the nation fighting to realize MLK’s dream of Racial and Economic Justice for ALL!”

15: Tax March/Rally

“National day of action.  Niagara Square Rally, with march to IRS, Federal Office Bldg., 130 South Elmwood Ave., around that block and back to Niagara Square. Speakers include Wayne Alt, WNYPC and lifelong activist; Samantha Nephew,  Citizen Action; and many more. Topics include our need and right to see Donald Trump’s tax return, as well as the terrible use of our tax dollars, with a clear and growing majority of our discretionary budget going to the military, with outrageous cuts proposed to already under-funded life-sustaining programs. Please come out with the WNYPC and cosponsors including ACTionBuffalo, Buffalo Resists, Citizen Action of WNY, Huddle for the 27th, Turning Election Emotion Into Action, and We the People.

22: The Buffalo March for Science

“Begins at 1PM at Soldier’s Circle, march up Lincoln Parkway, and end in a Rally and Science Festival in Delaware Park (area behind the Art Gallery and near Shakespeare in the Park). The 1-3:30pm event will be memorable!
The March for Science champions publicly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity, uniting as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good; and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest.
For more info, go to science writer, Elizabeth Schiavoni’s blog: (”


6: Immigrants Solidarity March

“National Day of Action – Join us at Mass Ave Playground (by Winter St) for a rally and walk, with speakers, music (incl Ismail & Co), and inspiration! Rally at 1pm, with walk at 1:30 up Lawrence to Hampshire to Grant St – where we’ll stop at West Side Bazaar – on to Lafayette (with a brief talk at Lafayette High School), past Colonial Circle’s General Bidwell, down Richmond to finish at Pilgrim-St. Luke’s UCC, a declared sanctuary church. There’ll be a welcome at the church with tabling etc. as well. The #Buffalo25 will be representing. Bienvenidos/Karibu/Bienvenu!”

11: Healthcare Die-In at Walden Pond Park

“Thurs, May 11, 4:30-5:30pm die-in HAS BEEN MOVED TO WALDEN POND PARK (WALDEN AVE & RANSON RD, LANCASTER, NY 14086) rather than Congressman Chris Collins’ office. It’s still at 4:30-5:30pm tomorrow/Thurs, 5/11. Chris Collins and others who voted for the AHCA took coverage away from the most vulnerable to pay for tax breaks for the rich.”

24: Fire Sheriff Howard

“Wednesday, May 24 at 5-6:30 pm; 121 W Eagle St (one block south of Niagara Square, between Delaware and South Elmwood) . SURJ reports least 26 people have died in the Holding Center since Sheriff Howard took office. Stand up for an end to criminal and racist policies and practices, as well as an end to (racially disproportionate) mass incarceration.”


10: Women in Black/Buffalo Says No to Islamaphobia

“The regular Saturday vigil of Women in Black (Noon-1pm @Bidwell & Elmwood) will be joined by the (BARC-initiated) Buffalo Says No to Islamophobia! Come out to stand against hate groups, white supremacist, and fascist movements wherever they may be – locally, regionally and nationally. Injustice anywhere is a danger to justice everywhere!! Stand with and for our Muslim brothers and sisters (Ramadan Mubarak – Ramadan Blessings at this their holiest time of the year). We’re all in this together!”

17: Women’s March and Rally to Ban the Bomb

“Saturday June 17th – New York City- Support the UN in Adopting a Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons. [To join the PeaceAction contingent, meet at 11:30 at the SW Corner of Bryant Park (40th and 6th). (If you get there around noon, look for the blue balloons!)]

In one of its final acts of 2016, the United Nations General Assembly adopted with overwhelming support a landmark resolution to begin negotiations on a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. This historic decision heralds an end to two decades of paralysis in multilateral nuclear disarmament efforts.

Throughout June and July of 2017, governments will negotiate a ban on nuclear weapons at the United Nations. WILPF and our coalition are hitting the streets to celebrate and also demand a good treaty that prohibits these weapons of mass destruction once and for all!

29: Rally: Declare Our Independence from Big Oil & Gas

Demand a Clean, Renewable Energy Future Thursday, June 29 2:00 PM DEC office 270 Michigan Ave Buffalo. Sponsored by NYPIRG, Sierra Club Niagara Group, WNY Peace Center, WNYEA”


2: #ImpeachmentMarch

STARTING AT LAFAYETTE SQ, with Tabling at 1:30. Rally and March 2-3 pm (going up Court St 2:20; to arrive at and go around Niagara Square; back down Court to Lafayette Square for conclusion).

We’ll focus on Constitutional Law and what constitutes High Crimes and Misdemeanors; legal, moral, and ethical principles. Our tone will be serious and somber: this is a nonpartisan issue, and our democracy could hang in the balance.
We will have a legal opinion from Constitutional Law professor(s) from UB Law School. Our tone is serious and somber: this is a nonpartisan issue, and our democracy could hang in the balance.

We’ll also stand up for health care, racial justice, the Environment, and immigrants and refugees.

Endorsers include Burning Books, Center for Economic Justice, Citizen Action, Indigenous Women’s Initiative, Interfaith Peace Network, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, PeaceActionNYS, Peace Education Project, Peace Education Fund, PeaceJam Buffalo, Stronger Together WNY, and Veterans for Peace #128; and individuals include UB Law Professors Nicole Hallett, and Martha McCluskey; Daire Brian Irwin, Esq; and Community Leaders Sam Radford and Dr. Patricia Johnson.”


“Announcing the tenth annual Camp Peaceprints, brought to you by the Interfaith Peace Network, the SSJ Sister Karen Klimczak Center for Nonviolence, and the WNY Peace Center. The Camp, for youth ages 8 to 13, provides exposure to a diverse community while introducing and exploring communication, social justice issues, and peaceful conflict resolution.

We learn how to listen, express ourselves, cooperate, deal with feelings, and problem-solve; as well as exploring and hopefully being inspired toward Nonviolence. In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Network of Religious Communities, this year will include learning about and celebrating different faith traditions and their common themes of peace, justice, sharing and love.  We’ll have wonderful guest presenters – activists and artists from the Buffalo area. Students from St. Mary’s will be invited to join us in our activities. We’ll also play games, have recreation (including swimming!), do art projects and go on field trips.”


8: Indigenous People’s Nuclear-Free Future Day

“Sponsored by the Buffalo History Museum, Indigenous Women’s Initiatives, and the WNY Peace Center. At the Buffalo History Museum, One Museum Court (Elmwood just past R#198). Special guests, including singers Joann Shenandoah and Darelynn Spruce, Congressman Brian Higgins, and more; with Interfaith Service leading to Japanese lantern ceremony (Toro Nagashi).
We’ll be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People; have special guests – Indigenous speakers and musicians – throughout the event; speak about the Solid and Liquid Nuclear Waste being transported over our bridges and byways; and at dusk will hold a Japanese lantern ceremony – Toro Nagashi – remembering victims of Nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

16: Not Here, Not Ever

“Coming together in response to violence in Charlottesville. Sponsored by Co Exec Mark Poloncarz and Common Council President Pridgen, WNY Peace Center, and many more at Durham Memorial AME Zion Church, 174 E Eagle St., Buffalo. Stand together to denounce violence, racism and bigotry and to commemorate the lives lost in Charlottesville, VA.”

28: Justice for John Walker

“Vigil/Rally outside the District Attorney’s Office at 25 Delaware Avenue, every Monday Noon – 1pm.
Over 41 years ago, John Henry Walker, Jr., was arrested with several other Black teenagers and charged with a murder they did not commit. Despite highly questionable witness testimony and a total lack of forensic evidence, John and two of his friends were convicted of the murder of a white man by an all-white jury. This wrongful conviction led to an unjust 22 year imprisonment for John, followed by an equally unjust 18 year period under parole supervision.


5: Public Hearing on Gender Equality

“Hearing on why Buffalo needs a new local law that will help our City work toward Gender Equality and Human Rights. Common Council Chambers, 13th fl, City Hall, 65 Niagara Sq, Buffalo 14202. Tanya Loughead, WNYPC Gender Justice Taskforce chair, will testify, along with many others. More info at”

6: Protest Jacobs Renting to ICE

“Speak Out: the Jacobs are ICE’s new landlord; at Delaware North building 250 Delaware. (Meet at Trinity Church on Delaware at 4:30 and walk to immigration offices at Delaware North.)

Event Description: The Buffalo community comes together to speak out about ICE’s move to the
headquarter of the Jacobs Family’s Delaware North Company. While the wealthy check
in to the Westin Hotel, immigrants enter through the same doors and often do not
check out. The Jacobs Family are some of the most influential political and
economic forces in Western New York, donating over $600,000 to Trump and $25,000 to
Cuomo. In May we discovered that ICE had moved into the 7th floor of the new
Delaware North building, over the Westin hotel. Our community is committed in the
fight for the rights of undocumented families, and against profiteers and increased

Organizations involved: Justice for Migrant Families WNY, UB Sanctuary Movement,
Public Accountability Initiative. Immigrant & Refugee Taskforce of the WNY Peace Center.”

16: Peace, Justice, Nonviolence Festival and Walk

“4th year of this annual event! Working Together for Unity. With activities for children and youth, tabling, music, food, info, more than 150 partners, and part of a national and international nonviolence campaign!!”


17: Invisible Constituents Protest & Rally

At 872 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202-1403 (offices of ZeptoMetrix, one of Collins’ questionable business interests). While Chris Collins holds a million dollar fundraiser with Vice President Mike Pence on October 17th, citizens and friends of the 27th District will come together to give voice to the voiceless, and visibility to the invisible. Earlier this year, Mr. Collins told Renee Sutton that he only represents the 67.2% of voters in his district that voted for him.

We disagree.

We believe that our representatives should listen and appreciate every single constituent in their district. They should understand our needs regardless of party or political affiliation.

Sponsors for this event are: Citizens Against Collins, Stronger Together WNY, Citizen Action of WNY, We Exist Coalition, Young Black Citizens, Liberty Union Progressives, StandUp WNY, GLOW Progressives, Your Voice Your Vote, Indivisible Niagara, ACTion Buffalo, Empire State Indivisible, Western New York Peace Center, We The People – Southtowns.”

19: Love is Love Party

“Join us at WNY Peace Center, NRC Building, 1272 Delaware Ave, Buffalo NY 14209 (entrance & parking round back; additional parking @ Unity Church, 1243 Delaware [across street]) to celebrate the #LoveisLoveBUF Campaign!

All are welcome to join Activists of Buffalo, Stronger Together WNY, BPTO, and lead campaigner WNY Peace Center at this free celebration. Food and beverages will be catered by local establishments (to be announced).

The goal of the Love is Love Buffalo campaign is to spread love in these times filled with hate. On September 19th, an arsonist set fire to signs in Buffalo’s progressive and bohemian Allentown village. One of the signs was dangerously close to a wooden house. The Love is Love campaign works to ignite a movement that spreads the message – of kindness, peace, unity, acceptance, and diversity – that the arsonist was trying to extinguish.

The initial 500 signs distributed in the campaign’s first stage went in approximately One Week. This official launch of the second stage of the #LoveisLoveBUF campaign will start sharing another 500 signs, while celebrating community and – yes – Love.”


29: The Last Straw Rally: Rally Against the GOP Tax Bill

“This event is at the corner of Transit and Wehrle Dr.

From the Facebook event page: “Grab your signs, friends, and family members as we protest on the corners of Transit and Wehrle drive just blocks from Chris Collins office to call out the lies of the GOP’s Tax Scam.
Upon arrival at one of the four corners join the crowd of local unionists and community members and receive directions from the corner captain. We are asking picketers to cross the streets in a clock wise motion when the signals allow movement to draw even more attention to our call for the Tax Scam Bill to be squashed!


4: Poor People’s Campaign Reading Group

“From the Facebook event: “CEJ Buffalo invites you all to the Daily Planet Coffee shop (1862 Hertel Ave. Buffalo) on Monday December 4th from 6-730pm to read Rev Dr. Barbers new book called The Third Reconstruction This is to help us prepare the way for the Poor Peoples Campaign which seeks to connect Poor People across the nation in Common Cause and to pick up the torch from Rev. Dr. King. We will meet every Monday in December from 6-730pm and likely finish the book during that month. Please let me know if you can make it and if you want me to order you a book. Lets try and read the first 3 chapters for December 4th. Email or call Rev. Kirk Laubenstein to RSVP or 716-892-5877.”

7: March for Net Neutrality

We will meet at Delaware Park near the *Statue of David*, and then we will march to Nottingham Terrace, and up Delaware Avenue to the Verizon Store (2290 Delaware Ave Suite 800, Buffalo, NY 14216). We will leave the park at 4:30 sharp and arrive at the store around 5:00 PM. Feel free to meet either for the march or directly at the Verizon store. This is a change from the original plan, to sync up with the national day of action for Net Neutrality. Sponsored by Buffalo for Freedom, UB Democrats, March for Science, and the WNY Peace Center.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support Net Neutrality, yet the FCC is still hoping to get rid of it. We aren’t just rallying for a free internet, but for basic democratic values! More below!

Since the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was born in Buffalo, it seems even more important that we show Washington that real Buffalonians oppose him and his ISP-backed attack on a free and open internet.”