Executive Director

Deidra EmEl is the Executive Director of the Western New York Peace Center. Deidra is also a Trustee, Executive Administrator, and Program Coordinator of the Congregation of Israel (COI) Cultural Center, in which she is a co-founder. She is an educator, counselor, Community Health Worker, Maternal Child Health Specialist, herbalist, urban homesteader/farmer, and doula.

She received her Bachelors of Science in Sociology and a Certificate in Applied Sociology from Buffalo State College(2003). Deidra has been certified as a Childbirth Educator through The International Birth and Wellness Project and The International Childbirth Education Association(2009/2010), Certified Doula -Life Cycles Center(2009), Maternal Child Health Specialist (2014). She has been a birth activist, family advocate, and proponent for International women’s rights for over 20 years.

She and her husband first became supporters of the Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC) and IFCO/Pastors for Peace. Her son joined Camp Peaceprints in 2014 and she became a parent volunteer, every year, since!

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Office Staff

Nicole Perrone, Executive Assistant

Nicole helps with administrative and outreach work, as well as serves as Chair of the Immigrant & Refugee Justice (IRJ) Task Force. Contact her at