Peace For Life

Peace For Life
By: Reginald Thomas

The stillness of the mind
Will help the flow of the peace
You can’t say “I don’t have the time”
When you have a soul to keep—
In balance
In check
Like checks and balan—ces

Respect the process Don’t deprive yourself of your humanness Check your blockages Then balance your solutions
To flow as elegantly and vast as the ocean
As a human be-ing it should be your utmost devotion
To always embrace the principal of evolution
So that you can continue to grow and strive
Survive to thrive, invite the pleasant surprise of the beautiful lives
That Allah the All Great has the power the grant us
You’ve been lead astray, your life in disarray?
Turn to God— To Allah, the Magnificent, Loving, Overall Great
To Allah, the Magnificent, Loving, and Overall Great

Words cannot give justice To the blessing that has been granted
To every human in this world
Hm. You may ask “Well what is this?”

It’s a thing called free will
Something you posses until the life bill
Is due
While it may be true that death is absolute
You live your life to serve others to serve you through and through

The thing about human nature is
That if you ever need a boost—
Especially in these hellish times
All it takes is one dime—
Of a person to stop and pick you up
When times get rough

It’s important that you don’t break please
Stay tough enough to emphasize Vehemently That we had enough
The lack of trust
That’s deeply rooted in our culture and genes
Caused by our oppressors who use a preconceived protective means
To break and batter our already tired
But beautiful black bod-ies
Good cops? Where? In a racist system?

Negro please
Don’t make me sneeze From inhaling the bullshit
Out comes the dust I breathe
Tsk tsk
I shake my head
And again I say “Negro please”

I’m much displeased
With busting my black ass in a PWI
And still crying Tears shooting down from eye to eye
In frustration of the set-up
But I refuse to give up

I came too far
The black babies need me
Need us
Our swinging to the system is anything but subpar
We won’t let up till we’re free
But ain’t nothing gonna happen
If all we do is fuss

The time is NOW
I’ll make a vow to never allow
Myself and my fellow brothers and sisters
To crumble and bow down
If we have to run down a whole town to get this message across Then so be it

A punch is a punch A kick’s a kick
Any move intended for change is progress
Stagnation is never an option unless you want to re-gress

So stand tall with us all
Together we’re unbreakable
And it’ll be impossible to fall