Our Focus

Click on the links below to learn more about the issues in which we focus on as we advocate for people and the planet.

Economic Justice: We work to directly confront the economic factors preventing people from living complete and holistic lives, and to work towards justice to honor all of humanity. Our goal is to facilitate actions and education that allow us to support and replenish the local peace economy and divest from the war economy/war machine, and to engage others in doing so. This may include supporting campaigns, organizations, local businesses and banks that focus on responsibility to justice for local communities and healthy economies.

Environmental JusticeOur Purpose & Vision: By 2030, NY State should produce all its electrical power from clean, renewable resources of energy (wind, solar and hydro). All transportation vehicles – cars, trucks and trains – should be powered by either hydrogen or batteries. All heating for buildings should be done by air or ground sourced heat pumps. No investment in new fossil fuel infrastructure. Landfills should be equipped with fuel cells to create hydrogen from methane that is now leaking into the atmosphere. That hydrogen can be burned cleanly to generate electricity, or sold to industry for use in other purposes.

Human & Civil Rights: This pillar is comprised of various committees and initiatives. We believe in uniting the struggles to advocate for human rights and fight oppression every day.

Current Taskforces/Working Committees:

The Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC wny) is a longtime community-based group committed to promoting human rights and social and economic justice in Latin America. LASC is dedicated to education and advocacy for our neighbors who are suffering from injustice and oppression. We respond to emergencies involving refugees and natural disasters, We provide material aid in the ongoing. struggle for social justice, human rights, and a life of dignity for all Latin Americans. Our LASC Peace Coffeehouses are held on the fourth Monday each month,  7:00-9:00 pm in the Canisius Collage Science Building at Main and Jefferson near the metro. We also hold monthly planning meetings.

Resist Militarism!: Dedicated to confronting the rise of militarization at home and abroad, we organize & collaborate with allies in Buffalo to bring attention to the military industrial complex which takes funding away from human needs in order to feed the bipartisan war machine. Work with us in bringing attention to these vital, moral issues.

We work for huge improvements for prison and jail inmates, especially at the Erie County Holding Center. Supporting prisoners’ rights in the criminal justice system generally are among our activities.

The Gender Justice Taskforce  work to support women in the intersection – Women of Color, the 2SLGBTQAI+ community, and/or those who are part of some other marginalized group –

We work to support immigrants and refugees in the WNY community. Our goals include: making WNY a safer place by addressing issues of discrimination and assisting immigrant and refugee communities in navigating systems when there are language and cultural differences.

We work to combat institutional racial inequality in WNY in our efforts towards racial justice.