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Talking Peace Radio taping

Show 1 @ 7:15pm: National Base-building. Featuring Christian Parra, national organizer, trainer, and relationship-builder for People’s Action; with Victory Ross, WNYPC Board Chair. We’ll explore base-building and movement-building from local, regional, national, and international perspectives.


Show 2 @8:30pm: Workers United! Featuring Brian Murray, a lead organizer for SB Workers United, also working with other labor organizers (e.g., at Lexington Co-op); with Victory Ross, WNYPC Board Chair. Workers’ rights and union-organizing is surging ahead, with Buffalo and WNY leading the way. We’ll explore progress, obstacles, victories, and opportunities.

Talking Peace taping: The Ukraine!

People – especially of Buffalo and WNY – will have the opportunity to hear from International and Foreign Policy expert, Joseph Gerson, and Ukrainian American Yuri Hreshchyshyn, to get a better understanding of the conflict in the Ukraine, as well as how we’ve gotten to this point. They’ll also discuss the existential dangers, current needs, a path forward, and how people can help. With host Vicki Ross, WNYPC Community Coordinator.

  • Joseph Gerson is President of the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, Vice-President of the International Peace Bureau,  Co-chair of the Committee for a Sane U.S.-China Policy, and Co-Convener of the international Peace and Planet Network. He has participated in Track II discussions about possible diplomatic solutions to prevent and then end the Ukraine War, has briefed Congressional staff, written articles and given numerous talks and interviews. He’s a writer, an educator, and a consultant; and works at local, national, and international levels for peaceful and just alternatives to U.S. foreign and military policies.
  • Yuri Hreshchshyn is a first generation Ukrainian American, the oldest of five. He’s in communication with his extended family in Western Ukraine, and working locally to help with fundraising and humanitarian aide to the Ukraine.

Conversations about the Middle East: How Women Can Be Vital Agents of Peace & Change

Join the Western New York Peace Center for a special panel discussion episode of Talking Peace Radio, featuring:

With host Vicki Ross, moderator Sameria Mbili, plus a live Q&A!


Organized by Peace Action NYS-Canisius College Chapter and the Immigrant & Refugee Justice (IRJ) Task Force of the WNY Peace Center.


Simply tune in on Facebook Live – OR – if you would like to join the Q&A, register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.