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Talking Palestine with Zohran Mamdani

On Zoom – register here. A significant and expanding section of American society—young, diverse, and working class—has become increasingly aware of US support for Israel’s occupation, and is rapidly drawing the connections between Palestine, mass incarceration, austerity, and the immigration crisis. These new shifts are indicative of a larger trend of left voices putting forward a platform that sees the fight against austerity measures as fundamentally connected to US foreign policy.


Zohran Mamdani, who won his race for state assembly in Queens, New York on Nov 3, ran an ardently anti-capitalist campaign, tying together the various forms of exploitation—healthcare, housing, and low wages— that people in New York (and the country) face on a daily basis, and especially now as we brace for the second COVID-19 wave. Before, and since, his victory, Zohran has unabashedly supported the Palestinian struggle against settler-colonialism. Join the Adalah Justice Project on Wednesday, Dec 16 to hear from Zohran about how he came to learn about Palestinian liberation and why supporting Palestinian freedom is a crucial part of building a strong workers movement here in the US.

Webinar: Disarmament and Human Rights

On Zoom – register here. From the conditions of workers in arms production to the implications of the arms trade, to the use of weapons themselves, the impact of the global arms trade on human rights is extensive. The worst-affected countries in the Covid-19 pandemic are also those with the largest military budgets, showing that national security is not a simple matter of having the most guns. Military spending too often comes at the expense of funding for other vital public services such as health and welfare.

This Human Rights Day, join us for the latest webinar in our series Building Back Better for a discussion on the relationship between human rights and disarmament. Bringing together speakers from different stages in the arms trade process, we examine how the promotion of human rights without work towards disarmament is meaningless and the need for a new paradigm of security to build a just and peaceful future.

Confirmed Speakers:
– Kelly Smith, Poor People’s Campaign
– Carlos Umaña, IPPNW
– Akmal Ali, UN Association of Fiji

Moderator: Molly McGinty, Nuclear Programs Associate, IPPNW

Talking Peace on WBNY 91.3 FM

On WBNY 91.3 FM (or streaming online at Talking Peace, WNYPC‘S weekly radio show, has new episodes! From 1-3 PM on Mondays, tune in for insights on peace and justice. At the moment, the show is being pre-recorded (so graciously by Think Twice Studios!). Hosted by Vicki Ross, WNYPC Executive Director.

This week’s episode features:

Medea Benjamin, #CODEPINK, in the first hour: US endless “war on terror”, Biden cabinet picks including warhawks; activists working to stop war profiteer Michele Flourney; US violence and war crimes including economic sanctions and drones, interventions; foreign policy dangers in remainder of Trump’s term; campaign for Cuban doctors to receive Nobel Peace Prize for international service during pandemic

Myles Carter, community activist, in the second hour: County budget; legislature votes (Tues 12/8); County lock-ups (ECHC and Alden) together at 1/3 capacity taking ~10% funds during economic crisis; huge toll on POC in Buffalo; vicious cycle of violence visited on BIPOC communities; Speak-out on Erie County Holding Center on International Human Rights Day, Thurs 12/10 at 6:30 PM on Zoom (details on our website)