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‘Talking Peace’ taping on FB Live

On FB Live. Hosted by WNYPC Executive Director, Vicki Ross. So graciously taped by Think Twice Radio: Home of the Future!

First hour: featuring Clare Grady on

  • Epiphany
  • Catholic Workers/Plowshares
  • Witness Against Torture
  • Kings Bay Plowshares 7, nuclear weapons (including Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons)

Second hour: Agnes Williams, Seneca, Indigenous Women’s Initiatives; with Clare Grady

  • Nuclear Waste/West Valley clean-up
  • UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UN DRIP)
  • Prior Free & Informed Consent (to land use, etc)
  • Environmental Justice/Care for Mother Earth
  • People and the Planet

Talking Peace taping

On Facebook Live. Talking Peace taping livestream with host Vicki Ross, WNYPC Executive Director and co-host Talia Rodriguez, J.D., WNY Gender Justice Taskforce Chair. At the moment, the show is being recorded so graciously by Think Twice Studios!

  • 1st hour with guest Bill Jungels (and possibly Tom Potts): work of the Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC); Bill and Tom’s work in Chiapas; their LASC/ROCLA event on 1/6; Tom Pott’s work; Zapatistas; role of women in the struggle in Chiapas and here; WNY Women’s March2021 on 1/16
  • 2nd hour with guest Heidi Jones: White supremacists in anti-maskers’ clothing; recent events in WNY