Resist Militarism!

Dedicated to confronting the rise of militarization at home and abroad, we organize & collaborate with allies in Buffalo to bring attention to the military industrial complex which takes funding away from human needs in order to feed the bipartisan war machine. Work with us in bringing attention to these vital, moral issues.

Contact: Russell and Marie at

Meetings are held jointly with Veterans For Peace #128 on the third Wednesday of the month.


  • Meeting ID: 886 4837 5765
  • Passcode: 053203

7:00pm at Tipico Coffee
128 Fargo Ave, Buffalo, NY 14201.

Weekly Vigil for Victims of ICE Terror
Thursdays 5-6pm
250 Delaware Ave. outside Delaware North building (where ICE has administrative offices)

All are welcome!

Recent Press:

The Resist Militarism Taskforce is dedicated to confronting the rise of militarization at home and abroad.
In the past year, the taskforce has collaborated in organizing joint Anti War demonstrations such as the Spring Action 2018 in April and more recently, in the Buffalo Sister March to the Women’s March on the Pentagon in October.

Our first Fly Kites Not Drones event was held at in solidarity with the Afghan Peace Volunteers action around Nowruz, the Persian New Year. This event highlighted the loss of joy that usually accompanies a clear blue sky in Afghanistan, as drones fly on clear days. We hope to expand this program in March 2019 to include more kite making workshops, fostering solidarity among the children of Buffalo with their peers across the globe.

Participating in the Buffalo Infringement Festival, the taskforce hosted programs in in July that focused on the US’s illegal, direct involvement in the Saudi coalition war on Yemen. At every opportunity, we bring attention to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and pressure to our elected officials to end US involvement in the war now!

We continue to find allies in the Western New York community who are troubled by the rise in militarism and the military industrial complex, are you one? Work with us in bringing attention to these vital, moral issues.

For more information follow our facebook page: Resist Militarism or contact co-chairs: