Legacy Giving & Estate Planning

To Our Members and Supporters:

We appreciate you and are deeply grateful to your ongoing support. We would like to inform you about our new Legacy Giving and Estate Planning opportunity.

As most of you are aware, the Western New York Peace Center’s commitment to peace through justice at home and abroad began in 1967 as a part of Dr. King’s Clergy and Laity Concerned. Many of you have been ardent supporters of that committment for many years. Your continued support is not something we take lightly.

Through your financial support, the legacy of Dr. King’s dedication to justice through nonviolence continues to transform the world. Like Dr. King, you can create an enduring legacy of peace through justice in the form of this Legacy Giving and Estate Planning opportunity. By including the WNYPC as part of your will, you establish a Legacy Gift to continue the work we are all committed to.

Walter Simpson Memorial Fund

Walter was a devoted, life-long peace and justice activist. Multi-dimensional in approach, Walter:

  • Was part of the WNY Peace Center from the start, serving as its Executive Director from 1976-1980, and involved throughout the years; 
  • Taught, planned, organized, and acted with extreme integrity for Environmental Justice, Human and Creation’s (including Creatures’) Rights;
  • Was UB’s Energy Officer for 26 years, promoting & achieving great advances in use of renewables – both saving them money and helping the planet; 
  • Was an expert on the inter-relatedness of militarism and environmental degradation – in resource wars, in war causing mammoth pollution etc;
  • Spoke truth to power, including courageously confronting Henry Kissinger in an in-person meeting; 
  • Strongly opposed nuclear weapons and US foreign policy, performing civil disobedience and being arrested for same.

Due to the depth and breadth of Walter’s activism, Ken Sherman, founder and first Executive Director of the WNY Peace Center (WNYPC), has established the Walter Simpson Memorial Fund to support WNYPC operations. Ken Sherman, close to Walter as fellow members of the Sunflower Collective, referred to Walter as a “Peace Patriot.”

Ken has initiated the Walter Simpson Memorial Fund with a donation of $1,000, and challenges those who knew him to make a donation in his honor: $1,000; $500; $100. Donations of every size will be gratefully received. Our goal is to reach $10,000 by November 10, 2023, the 56th Annual Dinner of the WNYPC. 

Deep thanks to Walter, Ken, and all working for peace through justice! Walter Simpson, Presente! 

Donate here or send a check payable to the Western New York Peace Center to 1272 Delaware Ave (Carriage House), Buffalo 14209.

Questions? Call the office at 716-332-3904 or assistant@wnypeace.org.