Victorious Women of Stitch Buffalo

WNY Peace Center is honoring and partnering with Stitch Buffalo for this year’s Women’s March 2022. May is International Victorious Women’s Month, along with the WNY Women’s March. It is the perfect time to shed light on the victorious women of Stitch Buffalo, and all the good they do for their local and worldwide communities.

Signs made by the women of Stitch Buffalo for the Women’s March WNY 2022!

Their mission: “Stitch Buffalo is a textile art center committed to empowering refugee and immigrant women through the sale of their handcrafted goods, inspiring creativity and inclusion through community education, and stewarding the environment through the re-use of textile supplies.”

This organization has three different programs: First, they have a Refugee Women’s Workshop, where over 55 women from different countries worldwide sew handcrafted goods for monetary and self-empowerment. Second, they are involved in Community Education, where classes are offered by staff in order to teach and inspire the community. Third, they offer a program called Second Stitch, which is a sustainability program dedicated to donating supplies that are no longer needed or unused by Stitch Buffalo to local artists and community members. To learn more about Stitch Buffalo’s story and goals please click here!

Peace Pins for Social Justice

For a minimum donation of $20, you can become a member of the WNY Peace Center AND you will receive a Social Justice Peace Pin made by one of the women of Stitch Buffalo! The Pins are all uniquely made by different women from different countries, in order to support social justice for all.

We ask that you wear your Social Justice Peace Pins the day of the Women’s March on May 15th 2022, as we march for Solidary, Victory & Healing!

Questions? Call the office at 716-332-3904, text ‪716-253-1486‬, or email

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