Solidarity Vigil for Ukraine: National Day of Action

What: Vigil for Peace: No War in Ukraine, No to NATO Expansion, Standing in Solidarity Vigil for National Day of Action.

When & where: Saturday, 3/5, Noon to 1pm; at Bidwell & Elmwood, Buffalo. Who: The WNY Peace Center, with the local Women in Black chapter hosting, is organizing in solidarity with a National Day of Action by CodePink.

March 5, 2022, The People of Buffalo and WNY will gather to vigil in solidarity with all who want Peace in Ukraine. The WNY Peace Center is organizing along with CodePink and other allies, to emphasize the importance of Negotiations, not Escalation. The Minsk accords are vital and provide a guideline for re-establishing peace in the region. International law and international organizations are actively working to stabilize the situation, and should be allowed and enabled to do their work, not thwarted by more activities that will increase conflict in the region.

March 6th was established and is now recognized as a Global Day of Action. We call everyone who opposes war to get organized, join a local event, and advocate in any way you can in opposition to war around the world.

“The war in Ukraine is a disaster for the people of Ukraine and a terrible threat to us all, including increasing the danger of nuclear war. We oppose the Russian invasion and call for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops. We recognize that the expansion of NATO and the aggressive approach of Western states have helped cause the crisis and we demand an end to NATO expansion. We also oppose sanctions that will harm ordinary Russians and call on all countries to welcome refugees fleeing the war.” For more information, visit

As the International Peace Bureau says, “what is needed is a comprehensive ceasefire, the withdrawal of all troops and a return to the negotiating table. There is no military solution, only a political solution based on the principles of common security.” There have already been many anti-war demonstrations all over the world. What we need now is a massive, unified response by peace-loving people around the world. We need to say NO to War in Ukraine and say YES to Negotiations and Peace.

To sign up for updates on Ukraine and current issues, please go to the CodePink website by clicking here.

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