Rising Together – A Day of Engagement in the Struggle for Justice, People and Planet in NYC 9/19/21; and ongoing!!

Dear friends, family, colleagues and partners: You and your organizations are invited to organize with us as we help to grow a movement. Bring a contingent, banners, info-fliers, noise makers and attend in New York City to talk, and network with all of us that Sunday September 19th and beyond (details below)!!  And please, whether you can attend or not, register on the website www.RidingTogether.info so we can better organize together!!
 Feel free to forward the invitation!

Join NYC Rising Together for a World BEYOND War! 

Day of Engagement.”

SUNDAY, September 19, 2021 

11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thomas Paine Park (Foley Square, Center & Pearl street) NYC 10007

#4, 5, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall

Register at RisingTogether.info


I’m a whistleblower for Justice, People and Planet!

From the Amazon rainforest burning… to endless wars, from Assange to Mumia & Peltier, from covid to climate chaos, from housing to policing, Palestine to the Philippines, Amazon workers organizing, Yemeni children starving, occupation & poverty, isms… while the 1% have a fling in outer space at the expense of the 99%.

We are connecting the dots.

We appreciate the activists who clarify the interconnection between struggles to end all wars, resist racism, protect human rights, and cope with the climate catastrophe.

– Kathy Kelly, author and peace activist

We’re building coalition: Black Lives Matter & Codepink, Extinction Rebellion & Veterans For Peace, WBAI 99.5 FM & Pacifica Radio & many, many more.

We are coming together to get to know each other and to make plans to support each other in a newly united struggle for justice, survival and well-being for ALL.

– Nick Mottern, BanKillerDrones.org

Please come with a contingent if you are a member of any antiwar, human rights, environmental or social justice organization. BRING your banners, your signs and flyers, literature and merchandise, tables and CHAIRS. We will have FREE “I’m a whistleblower for Justice, People and Planet!” whistles. 

Sunday the 19th’s “Day of Engagement” will lead to a “Rising Together for a World BEYOND War! Global PACIFICA Broadcast” at a date to be announced.

We are organizing towards representative inclusion, financial and power equity, sustainable harmony and environmental stewardship.

– Ryme Katkhouda, WBIX, Peoples Media Center, Farik Beirut

For more information, go to  RisingTogether.info or contact zool at zoolTheArtandPolitics@hotmail.com

Join NYC Rising Together for a World BEYOND War! “Day of Engagement.”

We will continue the struggle for justice. As Fannie Lou Hamer said, ‘Get UP and DO something!

– Ralph Poynter, Lynne Stewart Organization

Join NYC Rising Together

for a World BEYOND War! “Day of Engagement.”

SUNDAY, September 19th, 11 am – 5 pm in Foley Square, NYC

Rising Together! Co-Chairs

Ralph Poynter, Kathy Kelly, Nick Mottern

Organizers Committee

Ralph Poynter, Kathy Kelly, Nick Mottern, Sati Choudhary, Trudy Silver, Jerry Hassett, Ann Wilcox, Michael Steven Smith, Steve Brown, Gary Davidson, Lorcan Otway, zool Zulkowitz, Vicki Ross

Outreach Committee

Kathy Kelly, Jacqui Deveneau, Trudy Silver, Sati Choudhary, Vicki Ross, Jane Orendain

Logistics Committee

Sati Choudhary, Tarak Kauff, Gary Davidson

Program Committee

Ryme Katkhouda, Johanna Fernandez, Mimi Rosenberg, Joel Landy, John Kane, Claire Willins, zool Zulkowitz

Website & Database

Nate Smith, Greta Zarro, Sean Reynolds

Social Media Committee

Jack Flynn, Moses Hernandez McGavin, Jillian Hanesworth, Angela Palumbo, Jazmine Roberts, Edwin DeJesus, Raven

Stage & Tech Committee

Larry White, Ryme Katkhouda, Wilton Vought, Joe Friendly, Fred Nguyen

Press & Media Advisory

John David Baldwin

Pacifica Broadcast Producers

Ryme Katkhouda, Verna Avery-Brown, Lona Alias

World BEYOND War

David Swanson, Greta Zarro, Alice Slater, Marc Eliot Stein

We must recognize that we can’t solve our problem right now until there is a radical distribution of economic and political power… this means a revolution of values and other things. We must see now that the evils of racism, economic exploitation and militarism are all tied together… you can’t really get rid of one without getting rid of the others… the whole structure of American life must be changed. America is a hypocritical nation and we must put our own house in order.

– Martin Luther King to SCLC Staff, May 1967Please Register at RisingTogether.info