#RuleofLaw / Refuse Fascism; Post-Event Packet; COVID-19 assistance

Saturday, November 14th, 2020

We invite you to join us in the movement to REFUSE FASCISM. Refuse Fascism is a movement of non-violent protests in Washington, DC, and across the US with a single unifying demand: #RuleOfLaw Trump/Pence out of the White House! Trump refuses to concede, filing lawsuits throughout the nation to try to overturn the election – even with Republican voting officials telling him there’s no factual basis for his complaints. Despite that, his supporters have gathered today in protest of the results.

We need to mobilize – nonviolently – to stop the theft of the election and the rise of fascism while still protecting all as COVID-19 cases are increasing exponentially. Local marches were called off this weekend, but we can still prevent a fascist America. Please – if you haven’t already – read RF’s Pledge to the People of the World (also seen in the NYT on 11/9) and sign. You can also donate to the cause here. (If you are on social media, we encourage you to join in the campaign currently flooding the hashtag ‘MillionMAGAMarch’ with photos of pancakes.)

If you are bothered by what you are seeing across America, just remember our wonderfully motivating evening with Cornel West, a supporter of RF. Take some inspiration from him and other sources that make you feel strong about the long-distance running we have to do in this fight for justice. Pace yourselves and remember that ‘unarmed truth’ (moral integrity) and ‘unconditional love’ (universal solidarity) will win in the end.

For those of you who were in attendance on Monday, we first want to express our extreme gratitude for all of your support. We had an amazing evening and hope you did as well. The excitement isn’t over yet; we are currently putting together a post-event packet which will include a captioned video, downloadable program book, and link to our virtual marketplace! We also want to remind you that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to get your Peace Pin for Social Justice in support of the WNYPC!

Tomorrow is the deadline for federal rent and mortgage grants to keep tenants and homeowners from being evicted or foreclosed on – and there’s lots of money left! Erie County has a $10 million COVID-assistance program using cash from the CARES Act, and will pay up to five months of past-due rent or mortgage payments. Call 211 for a referral for help applying. Please share this information widely!

Lastly, we want to share an update regarding the virtual sentencing of three members of the Kings Bay Plowshares: Carmen Trotta was sentenced to 14-months; Clare Grady was sentenced to one year and one day; and Martha Hennessy was sentenced to 10-months. Mark Colville opposed a virtual sentencing and after appeal, has been given a delay until December 18th. We appreciate their courage and their sacrifice.

Please see details and much more below, including Rally for the Buffalo Five, Friday Noon, and special and regularly scheduled events this week, plus campaigns, fundraisers, and more at wnypeace.org, on our Facebook page, Twitter (@wnypeace), and Instagram (@wnypeace)!

Peace, thanks, solidarity, and yes – love!

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Find more details and additional special events on our Event Calendar (times may be off!) at


MONDAY, 11/16

1-3 PM – Talking Peace with the WNY Peace Center. On WBNY 91.3 FM or streaming on wbny.buffalostate.edu. At the moment, the show is being pre-recorded (so graciously by #ThinkTwice Radio). Hosted by Vicki Ross, WNYPC Executive Director. This week’s episode features local activists. In the first hour: India Walton, community activist. Second hour: Christian Parra, Citizen Action NY and Free the People-WNY.

FRIDAY, 11/20

12-1 PM – “John Flynn – Do the Right Thing” Rally for the Buffalo Five. In front of the State Supreme Court Building at 25 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo. Come out to tell DA John Flynn the members of the Buffalo Five need to have a vacate of their indictment (#41-413), and a complete exoneration. If you can’t make it, please telephone John Flynn at: (716) 858-2424 to ask for his support of the new Motion to Vacate Erie County Indictment Number 41-413. We are in this together!


TBD. Global Days of Listening with the Afghan Peace Volunteers. (Unfortunately we are not the only ones experiencing website issues; please keep checking back at globaldaysoflistening.org for details as they become available.)


Find more details and additional weekly/monthly events on our website at



1pm – Talking Peace (WNYPC radio show). On WBNY 91.3 FM or streaming online at wbny.buffalostate.edu. Insights on peace and justice with the WNYPC. At the moment, the show is being pre-recorded by Think Twice Radio: The Home of the Future!


3pm – Weekly Vigil and March Against the Death Penalty. From the Robert L. Jackson Courthouse to the ECHC.

4pm – Prisoners’ Rights weekly vigil: No More ECHC Deaths! at the Erie County Holding Center.


5pm – Immigrant & Refugee Justice (IRJ) weekly vigil: End Ice Terror! Outside the Delaware North Building.


2pm – Environmental Justice weekly vigil: No Nuclear Waste over the Peace Bridge! At Front Park.


12 pm – Women in Black weekly vigil. At Elmwood & Bidwell.


Find more details and additional campaigns and fundraisers at



Criminal Justice and Policing

– Please support the Cariol Horne Whistleblower Fund!

– Contact ECDA John Flynn’s office urging him to drop all charges against Willie Henley!

By phone: 716-858-2424 and by web: https://www2.erie.gov/da/. If you are able, please also contribute to Willie’s lawyer fee funds at gofundme.com/f/willie-henley-lawyer-fee

Complete Partnership for the Public Good (PPG)’s Community Opinion Survey on what you think Erie County should do with its two mostly empty jails, the Correctional Facility in Alden and the Holding Center in downtown Buffalo. County officials have discussed closing or repurposing one of the jails and moving most detainees to the other jail.

Buffalo needs LEAD now!We recently saw a clear example of how the current way police respond to community members with mental health issues fails our community. This entire situation could have been avoided with Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD), a program that offers an alternative to arrest or hospitalization: diverting individuals into intensive management so their underlying needs are addressed. Learn more about LEAD here and SHARE WIDELY!

Support the demand that the police budget is defunded to invest in traffic calming infrastructureand take BPD out of traffic enforcement all together. Please fill out the questionnaire shared by Fair Fines + Fees to participate in a budgetary process that aims to make positive changes to the City’s budget. NEW! You can also share your ideas and priorities for changing the Buffalo Police Department through this survey by Free the People WNY.

– If you are a social worker or mental health professional, please sign the WNY Agents of Change open letter to Mayor Brown re: working with the BPD

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