Call DA Flynn 716-858-2400 to Drop Myles Carter Charges

Tomorrow morning (Friday, 7/17) is the trial of Myles Carter, who was arrested June 1st at Bailey and Decker while peacefully protesting the Buffalo Police beating of Quentin Suttles.

He was being interviewed by News 4 when police in riot gear tackled him from behind and arrested him. Myles is being charged with obstruction of governmental administration and disorderly conduct. The police who tackled him have not been charged.

He was well within his 1st amendment rights (see above).

Use this toolkit to demand District Attorney Flynn to drop these charges before Myles’ trial tomorrow morning. Or just call 716-858-2400. The DA’s office is tracking public input – please tell them what you think!

Myles has been a consistent supporter of Deyanna Davis whose accident happened in the chaos of the same protest. They were both held in the Holding Center the same night. Let’s hold down Myles as he would us. #DropTheCharges 

We thank Black Love Resists in the Rust for the above notice and join with them in working for charges against Myles Carter to be dropped.