LASC presentation tonight on Zoom

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You are invited to attend TONIGHT’S presentation for the Buffalo/Rochester/Ithaca/Albany areas:



7:00-8:30 PM on Zoom


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The whole world is grappling with how best to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 

One country, Cuba, is sending its doctors and other health professionals around the world to help beleaguered health care systems. It is also making available a Cuban produced antiviral drug Interferon Alpha 2B that has been widely used in China, as well as Cuba, and has shown some success in strengthening the body’s immune system to fight off the virus.

The US government, instead of seeking to collaborate with Cuba, is demanding that other countries refuse to accept the Cuban doctors and drugs, while simultaneously strengthening its 60 year long economic blockade of Cuba in an attempt to deny the Cuban people the food, medical supplies and gasoline they and their society needs.

This presentation will discuss: 
– The unique medical collaboration that already exists between the US and Cuba at the Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo,
– The potential for creating new forms of medical collaboration in confronting COVID-19
– How young US doctors, trained in Havana, Cuba at the Latin American Medical School (ELAM) are already a living example of such collaboration.
– How such collaboration is part of ending the US blockade of Cuba

Program includes:
– Jennifer Wager – Board member of IFCO/Pastors for Peace and former coordinator of its annual Caravan to Cuba. Now a documentary filmmaker whose work includes the award winning Dare to Dream about ELAM
– Dr Joaquin Morantes – a graduate of ELAM, now working in the area
– Video material about the Roswell Park Cancer Center collaboration with Cuba
– There will be time for Q+A and discussion

The event is a fundraiser for IFCO/Pastors for Peace.

Event sponsored by:
– Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization/Pastors for Peace
– Western New York Peace Center, including its Latin America Solidarity Committee (LASC wny)
– Rochester Committee on Latin America (ROCLA)
– Ithaca Friends of Cuba
– Albany Cuba Solidarity

If questions, contact:

– John Waller at 831-261-2025
– Victoria Ross at 716-931-3520