WNYPC Not Holding Event Today – advise not going.

The 5pm Sat 5/30 event at City Hall today is not organized by the WNY Peace Center, nor do we know the organizers. We have not seen any indication that it’s organized or endorsed by any local groups. Moreover, trouble is expected in a number of different ways. Local leaders at Black Love Resists in the Rust are not endorsing and advising people not to go. We echo their advice.

We are organizing another Speakout on Ethical Peace Officers, details to be publicized on Monday. We work with determination to end racism, injustice, domination, and violence. #BlackLivesMatter #SayTheirNames #EnoughisEnough #Unite

We grieve with George Floyd’s family, and are outraged at the heinous crimes against people of color, including state-sponsored violence. This crisis must lead to substantive radical change in our racist institutions. No more excuses.

Below is our press release from Tuesday, shortly before the murder of George Floyd. We have yet to get a response from the Mayor or the BPD administration. We will proceed Monday with the planning.


CONTACT:   Heron Simmonds 716-948-3577
                    Victoria Ross 716-931-3520

WNY Peace Center stmt & invite to Mayor & BPD to a Speakout on Ethical Peace Officers

WNYPC Statement, from the WNYPC’s Racial Justice Taskforce:

We at the WNY Peace Center are extremely alarmed at the recent video of two Buffalo Police officers repeatedly punching a captive man in the head, coupled with many terrible stories of aggressive, unreasonable, and/or racist behavior on the part of Buffalo Police Officers, as told by attendees at the Buffalo Police Advisory Board Meeting of 5/20/20.

We urge Mayor Brown, Commissioner Lockwood, and Deputy Commissioners Gramaglia and Lark to join us in a Speak-Out for Ethical Peace Officers, on June 9, 6pm or at a mutually agreed upon time. We invite you to come for an open and honest (virtual) discussion on standards of conduct, use of force, and DE-ESCALATION.  How can we get to a police force that respects all citizens regardless of race or color? And a community that sees the police as a resource and not a risk.

We echo the numerous calls by Partnership for the Public Good, Voice Buffalo, and many others to suspend the officers without pay who engaged in the illegal and immoral behavior in the video. Those authorized to bear arms must be the least violent – not the most.

We work for a culture of peace. And we’ll only get Peace through Justice. We invite your participation.

WNY Peace Center’s Racial Justice Taskforce


What: Invite to a Speakout on Ethical Peace Officers

When: TBD; suggested June 9, 6pm, – or another mutually agreed upon date.

Where: On zoom

Who: Mayor Byron Brown, Commissioner Byron Lockwood, Deputy Commissioners Barbara Lark and Joseph Gramaglia, and the community are invited to a Speakout on Ethical Peace Officers
hosted by the WNY Peace Center and its Racial Justice Taskforce.

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