CALL TO ACTION: Cars are still being impounded and tickets are still being issued…

31 March 2020

Considering we are all experiencing a national health crisis, we must shift our focus to the immediate needs of the community. This does not only include water and housing, but it also includes transportation. While many of us have to abide by the stay at home order:, this doesn’t mean that folks are still not using their cars for necessities such as food, fresh air, essential worker-employment, or medical care. With that said, recently, it has been shared that BPD is still engaging in questionable traffic enforcement practices, folks are still getting their cars impounded, and may still be receiving parking and traffic tickets. We are asking you all to help us protect Buffalo residents still on the roads amid this crisis. This means: 
(1) Share this CALL TO ACTION with your networks. 
(2) Reporting back to the FFFC page here: when you witness a traffic stop, tickets being issued, or a car being impounded, by inboxing us or simply emailing Jalonda Hill (
(3) Please, if it is safe too, capture the incident on camera and share it with the FFFC FB page and/or Mayor Browns FB page: using this description: “Even Amid the COVID-19 Crisis traffic and/or parking enforcement practices are still questionable in Buffalo, NY.” 

Your photos and participation can truly confirm that BPD is still out there issuing tickets and impounding vehicles for traffic infractions that are not considered a public safety concern. In the meantime, if anyone here has any information on whether traffic stops are still taking place, if parking or traffic tickets are still being issued, please reach out to me. Impounding vehicles and issuing parking and traffic tickets are a huge moneymaker for the city, so we should not be surprised that the city is still directing their tow truck workers and BPD officers to continue business as usual, despite this crisis.