Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for Mother Earth, for the people here and everywhere, for the beings and creatures of all creation, for the sky and all in it, for the Water which is Life, for the love, wisdom and courage that we will exercise together to defend the Sacred – people and the Planet, and all the cosmos.

We are grateful for the ancient wisdom and the new energy, for the Peace and Love that will lead us to create and sustain that same spirit.

Nya weh/Thanks/Merci/Gracias/Asanti/Sheh Sheh/Dhanyabaad/Sucran/Kyay Zuu/Sukryiya/Danke/Spasiba/Arigatou/Grazie/Wopila !

Yagwoneest Claus offering a Gnonyoh!

Mini Wachoni! – Water is Life! 1/29/17

Si, se puede ….!/Yes, we can ….


Ensha’Allah ….. God willing ……

Women’s March, Buffalo, 1/21/18

Om, Shanti ….. /Alpha to the Omega, Peace …..