52nd Annual Dinner-Thanks!

We couldn’t be more grateful after a beautiful 52nd Annual Dinner last night!

The thanks need to go all round

  • To Medea Benjamin – so insightful, creative, intelligent, and truly loving and committed spirit! Her keynote rocked the house, and will energize our work! Firedrill Fridays, here we come! No Green New Deal Without Peace!
  • To Valentino Dixon – an amazing man who after 27 years of unjust incarceration, is as open-hearted, caring, compassionate, devoted artist, exoneree and community activist. We are proud and grateful to work with you on Criminal Justice Reform.
  • Drea D’nur and the WNY Resistance Revival Chorus – what inspiration! We couldn’t appreciate these wonderful women and their rousing, rising music more than we do. More music in the movement – amen/amein/alhumdulillah/om shanti.
  • Peace Action Canisius College – an imaginative, hard-working, and dedicated group of young leaders, movers, and shakers, that we’re privileged and eager to work with! (receiving the award were Will Vega, Autumn Finch, and chair Emyle Watkins)
  • Our Great Coordinating Board, and Taskforce Chairs – who make it all happen all year long.
  • Likewise our great Staff – amazing women – Deidra EmEl, Nicole, and (intern) Hidy – their patience, persistence, and loving cooperative spirits make all the difference.
  • Special Thanks to Lisa Jo Schaeffer who did the program book with short notice and additions etc right up to the last minute!
  • And to the Dinner Committee, especially co-chairs Mary Bisson and Marty McGee, and Basket Queen Ellen Moomaw (you too our dear Peg Price) – !
  • And of course the Convention Center, endlessly flexible and hospitable
  • And last but not least our dear devoted Members, Friends, Allies and Partner, and especially the some 200 of whom came out last night with steadfast support and dedication to Peace Through Justice at Home and Abroad!
  • This year we’ll be able to work even harder on our annual dinner and make it even better, since for a truly remarkable change we already have our keynote for next year. Mark your calendars to save the date: Monday (yes Monday), November 9, when Rev. Dr. Brother Cornel West will be our keynote speaker!
  • We shall overcome – Si, se puede – Harambe/Together!
Medea – illuminating and inspiring – our Shero!!
Valentino’s kindness and clarity -> Emerging Leader’s Award
WNY Resistance Revivial Chorus – yes with former Artistic Director Drea D’Nur – Rocks!!
Peace Action Canisius College, incl organizer Emyle Watkins on Mike, and PANYS’ David & Sally Jones