Camp Peaceprints

Camp Peaceprints in Buffalo uses the arts and educational experiences to get its participants involved in social justice and peacemaking, while still having fun. The camp will run for its 12th year from July 15 to 26. The camp is for children aged 8 to 13.

Each year, Camp Peaceprints takes on a theme. This year, the theme is Discovering Diversity: An Intercultural Adventure. The camp runs Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the St. Mary’s School for the Deaf. Registration forms are available online.

Co-Director of Camp Peaceprints and WNY Peace Center Executive Director Vicki Ross said campers get to build a diverse and connected community at the camp. The experiences campers get with the camp emphasize community, leadership, as well as awareness and appreciation of different cultures. Campers are able to learn to appreciate different cultures while having a lot of fun on field trips as well as swimming trips.

The camp in itself creates a welcoming community for children of all different cultures and communities. Campers also create a guide as to how they will treat fellow campers.

The camp hosts children from all different communities and recruits campers from a variety of communities. This creates a welcoming environment that campers can dictate. It is up to the campers how they behave with one another and campers make an agreement to guide their behavior at the beginning of camp. It includes appreciation and respect for all.

This year’s theme is all about welcoming different cultures. This year, campers will spend the day with a daycare of Muslim/Yemeni children.

“Engaging in different cultures is a great joy to me. All different languages, dress and food are wonderful to me.”

“My favorite part of camp is creating the beloved community and how close everyone becomes over time,” she said, “The love. The growing love in the community is my favorite part.”

Adult volunteers are needed for swimming on Tuesday and Friday afternoons during camp.