FREE JEROME, and Oversight for the Sheriff’s Dept.

716-332-3904      5/22/19

Dear Friends,

We want to remind you about the press conference and rally to Free Jerome Wright tomorrow at Lafayette Square tomorrow at 5:15pm. Main & Court Sts., Buffalo, NY.

From the organizers: “Jerome Wright, organizer for the statewide #HALTsolitary campaign, has been in jail for over 6 months, awaiting adjudication of trumped-up charges of violating parole rules. FREE JEROME. Solitary confinement in New York is torture, inflicted on thousands of people. Pass the Humane Alternatives to Long-Term (HALT) Solitary Confinement Bill to end this abuse. Parolees are treated like serfs, told to follow any rule their parole officer lays down, and sent back to prison for years if they don’t, after an unfair hearing. Let’s have legislation providing justice for people on parole. #FreeJeromeWright #HALTsolitary #JusticeForParolees”

Also, we will have a Talking Peace Memorial Day show on our regular radio show, Monday, 1-3pm, wbny. – 91.3 or There will be a representative from the Kings Bay Plowshares, as well as Heron Simmonds, who has served as our Racial Justice Taskforce chair and board member.

The Racial Justice Taskforce meeting will be Sunday, 1-2:30pm, Little Africa Culture Club, 356 S. Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY.

Lastly, but certainly no small matter, please join the community at the public hearing on a Corrections Specialist Advisory Board, Wednesday, May 29 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Old County Hall, 92 Franklin St., 4th floor. This will be a public hearing on April Baskin’s legislation to establish a corrections specialist advisory board, in order to begin serious oversight into our correctional system, including the Erie County Holding Center.

More events on the website and the previous weekly news.

Many thanks, peace, solidarity, and yes – Love

We shall overcome #Unitethestruggles #Loveislove #PowerWITH-NOTPowerOver

No hate, no fear as we are #StillResisting.  Peace, Thanks, Solidarity, and yes Love.


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