Thanks – Women’s March!!

Many thanks to all who came out today!! Some 500 braved ferocios winds to support women’s rights and to oppose all forms of oppression!!

Nya weh to Jocelyn Jones, Seneca! The Haudenausanee Thanksgiving address – ie, the Gnonyoh – was key to making the Women’s March – Buffalo/WNY be the special time it was.

Many thanks to our wonderful speakers who illumined and inspired us; to the beloved Drea D’Nur and the WNY Resistance Revival Chorus, who encourage and uplifted us.

We are also so grateful to our 70 committed cosponsors who publicized, supported, and who we’ll be working alongside all year long.

Thanks too to the Police and the City, who allowed us to move the rally to the City Hall steps – safety first!

Lastly, thanks to all who’ve come before, to those suffering in the intersection especially, and to those youth coming along to make it all happen! It will take all of use, and we’re doing it – together!!

Nya weh, Asanti, Sucran, Gracias, and Thanks to All!!