#RememberIndia #JusticeForIndia

We will be holding space for India Cummings for the time when she was incarcerated at the Erie County Holding Center. She was arrested on Feb 1 and suffered a broken wrist on that day. Her mother traveled to see her on a daily basis but did not see her for a week. Her condition rapidly deteriorated and she left the Holding Center on Feb 16 suffering cardiac arrest and organ failure. She was pronounced dead at Buffalo General Hospital Feb 21.

These daily vigils will help us #RememberIndia#JusticeForIndia and draw attention her tragic death. Her death was found to be the result of negligence, but no one has been held responsible for this outrage. She is one of 28 people who lost their lives in Sheriff Tim Howard’s Holding Center.

Saturday 2 Feb, I-2pm–
Sunday 3 Feb, 1-2pm–
Monday, 4 Feb, Noon-1pm-
Tuesday, 5 Feb, 3:30-4:30pm–
Wednesday, 6 Feb,  4-5pm–
Thursday, 7 Feb, 3-4pm–
Friday, 8 Feb, 1-2pm–Heron
Saturday, 9 Feb, 1-2pm–
Sunday, 10 Feb, 1-2pm–
Tuesday, 12 Feb, 3:30-4:30pm–
Wednesday, 13 Feb, 4-5pm–
Thursday, 14 Feb, 4-5pm–
Friday, 15 Feb, Noon-1pm–
Saturday, 16 Feb, 1-2pm–
Sunday, 17 Feb
Monday, 18 Feb
Tues, 19 Feb
Weds, 20 Feb
Thurs, 21 Feb