Let’s pass Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act (S2721/A4189)


We need your help tomorrow, June 15. We haven’t come this far without YOU!

Please contact Gov Cuomo with new message tomorrow, Friday/June 15
New message:   Apply pressure on the NYS legislat ure to pass the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act (S2721/A4189) during this legislative session, which ends next week.
1.  Send text to 21333 and type the following message:  FARMWORKERS.          Follow the prompts to be connected to Gov’s office and leave message.
2. OR….call 518-474-8390 and leave message.
Thank you for continuing to walk this journey with NYS farmworkers!    

#Justice4Farmworkers   #NY4Farmworkers   #TimesUp
Extracts from the NYCLU 2017-2018 Legislative Memorandum follow and full memo is attached.

“Farmworkers are the backbone of New York’s massive agricultural industry.  An estimated 80,000 to 100,000 migrant, seasonal and dairy workers labor on New York farms.  New York ranks among the top agricultural states in the country; it is the second largest producer of apples, snap beans and maple syrup, and is now the third largest dairy producer in the nation.”
“The denial of labor rights for farmworkers cannot be justified as a matter of law, nor as a matter of farm industry economics. Farming in New York is a multi-billion dollar industry, making the state one of the nation’s agricultural leaders. And agricultural industry growth in 21st century New York has been more vigorous than ever…”
“And yet, for those who do the work of harvesting vegetables, picking apples and grapes, and feeding, cleaning and milking herds of dairy cow, the pay is low, conditions are deplorable, and the work is grueling, dangerous and at times life-threatening.  But unlike other hourly workers, farmworkers are not entitled to fundamental labor protections due to a legacy of the Jim Crow era, farmworkers are excluded from the rights to overtime pay, a day of rest per week, and workers’compensation when injured on the job.  To make matters worse, farworkers to not even have the right to engage in collective bargaining to try to improve their conditions.”