Job Posting: Office Manager for the WNY Peace Center

Office Manager for the WNY Peace Center

Qualifications (WorkExp/Education): Either Associates Degree; and/or at least 2 years office work.

Skills: Knowledge of Quickbooks, Word, Mac computer.

with Duties to include:

  • Answering phones, returning calls at our office during the office hours of 1-3pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (est 10 hours/wk @$15/hr)
  • Data entry and maintenance, including bookkeeping (making deposits, check-writing, running reports) using Quickbooks and a Mac
  • Order and maintain office supplies and equipment, arrange bulk mailings
  • Design and layout of office publications and literature such as newsletter/weekly news as needed, annual dinner program book, annual reports and membership appeals/ renewals (either performing or arranging therefor)
  • Assist in keeping the office clean and organized, other office maintenance
  • Work closely with the Executive Director, as variously directed, on: Communicating with the staff, board and members; Assist in media and publicity outreach, including press releases, media advisories and follow-up; Participate in designing, publicizing and implementing strategic campaigns; Assist in planning, publicizing and executing meetings, speakers, fundraisers, rallies and other events; Assist in fundraising through grant-writing, membership appeals and events; Conduct research on legislation, grants, social issues and potential services; Assist in outreach and work with other peace and justice organizations; Assisting as needed

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