Woman’s Solidarity March – 4.5-5K – We’re Growing and We Shall Overcome!!

What an inspiring #StillResisting Weekend!!! Amazing to have had you all – us all – together for people and the planet!! #UnitetheStruggles #PowertothePolls #PowerWITH-NOTPowerOver!!

Some 4,500-5,000 came out to stand up and march for Each Other, for human rights, gender justice, racial justice,  – immigrants and refugees, trans and Muslim – the poor, the oppressed and the prisoners of every injustice.

THAT is who and what we were marching for, and that is WHY We Shall Overcome.

We did not come out for hate but for Love, not to blame but to inspire, not to curse but to develop the courage and the faith to know that we can change the world, we can make a difference, and together, si, se puede!!!

Those who think it’s just about women’s rights – well seems they didn’t read our plan or hear our speakers. However imperfectly, we are trying to #unitethestruggles

We also couldn’t be more grateful to our more-than-wonderful speakers, singers, drummers, helpers of every kind, and last but especially cosponsors. Thank you/Asanti/Gracias/Tashakor/Sucran/Moracozay/Sukriya/Polikalal/ShehSheh/Merci from the bottom of our hearts!!!!  #UnitetheStruggles!!!!