Solidarity with Charlottesville – 8/13/17

Many thanks to all who came out (est 225), and those many of you with us in spirit!! It was a wonderful event – community- and movement-building, which is what we need.
The event was put together in a matter of hours, with cosponsor Stronger Together WNY. People spread the word, and the community came out. (So did the TV news stations.) Thanks too to Johanna C. Dominguez – and her Activists of Buffalo site – for the above and so many great photos!!
For those of you who missed the rally (and/or march), you should know there’s been a call by Heather Heyer’s family for a candlelight vigil outside people’s houses at 10pm EST. For more info,

Dr. King’s words come so much to mind in these times!

  • Injustice Anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
  • I believe that Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love will have the final word in reality. That’s why Good temporarily defeated is stronger than Evil triumphant. And
  • We Shall Overcome!!

We stand with the courageous and determined people in Charlottesville who stood for Caring and Justice; and against the White Supremacist Hate Groups including the KKK. We stand in grief and solidarity with Heather’s family, and with the counterprotesters who suffered injury and shock by the acts of terror wielded against their peaceful solidarity.

We also call #45 to account – his reluctance to name and/or chastise the hate groups and hate crimes shows his approval of racism and violence.

The people of Buffalo will not condone white supremacist violence.