Impeachment March, July 2, emphasizing Law, & Standing Up for Public Good

You are invited to join in the National Day of Action that is the #ImpeachmentMarch. We will hear (UB) Constitutional Law Professor Martha McCluskey’s perspective, as well as speakers on the public’s needs re

Health Care (care for the most vulnerable, poor, elderly, and needy);
Racial Justice (desperate need for equal protection under the law);
Renewable Energy (Environmental Protections; upholding Climate Accords); and Immigration/Refugee protections (stop travel ban& massive deportations).

Where & When: Sunday, July 2, Lafayette Sq (other side from Central Public Library side)
1:30 Tabling at Lafayette Sq, with music by Ismail & Co
2:00 Event (w/ impeachment grounds per Prof McCluskey, by Sara Faduski; speakers re common good)
2:25 March (west) on Court St; to and around Niagara Square and back
3:00 Conclusion

Why:   Constitutional Scholars such as Harvard’s Lawrence Tribe (L Tribe: Impeachment for Obstruction of Justice; Wapo) and a number of those at UB Law School (Constitutional Law Prof Martha McCluskey; Sara Faduski, plus), are joined by some Republicans and a good 40% of the voting population in calling for impeachment. Per UB Professor of Law and William J. Magavern Fellow Martha McCluskey:

… In the case of the Trump administration, the questions of obstruction of justice and brazen violations of the emoluments clause deserve serious examination as grounds for impeachment. These issues cut to the core of our democracy by threatening the very rule of law and the legitimacy of all the President’s official actions…..   We need to also demand a government that values human rights, economic security, equal and accessible justice, peace, health, education and all the other good things WNY Peace Center and its allies are working hard to advance.

Who: Hosts WNY Peace Center and Riverside-Salem UCC gratefully stand with
Endorsers include Burning Books, Center for Economic Justice, Citizen Action WNY, Indigenous Women’s Initiatives, Interfaith Peace Network, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, PeaceActionNYS, Peace Education Project, Peace Education Fund, PeaceJam Buffalo, Revolutionary Healing Movement, Stronger Together WNY, and Veterans for Peace #128. Individuals endorsers include UB Law Professors Martha McCluskey and Nicole Hallett, and UB Law Grad Sara Faduski; Daire Brian Irwin, Esq; and Community Leaders Jim Anderson, Linda Abrams, Annie Krause, Dr. Patricia Johnson, and Sam Radford.


Talking Peace w/ WNY Peace Center Radio Show; 91.3FM, WBNY

Join Co-Hosts Avery Edwards and Vicki Ross, and our Special Guests on 91.3FM, WBNY. Topics include Resist Militarism!; upcoming Infringement Festival events; significance of July 4th; and more!!
Go to or


Environmental Justice Meeting

Thurs, July 6 @ 6- 7:30 pm Please come learn, plan, and collaborate to stop “bomb” trains, highly radio-active liquid and solid nuclear waste on our highways and bridges, and the government’s force-feeding of pipelines and fossil fuels; to suppor renewables; and more. Crane Library, 633 Elmwood (@Highland). WNY Peace Center’s Environmental Justice Taskforce; Sierra Club; WNY Drilling Defense.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution/Peace Education

Camp Peaceprints needs drivers for swimming on Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons! (You could swim too!) We also could use some help with transporting campers, especially on Fridays., July 17 – 28 @ St. Mary’s School for the Deaf, 2253 Main Street.
Please call 716 332 3904 or email



Resist Militiarism! Taskforce

Please call your Congressperson and urge him or her to support Rep. Barbara Lee’s amendment, already passed by the House Appropriations Committee, that would repeal of the 2001 War Authorization (AUMF) – whenever and however that issue might come the floor.  The core arguments for repeal include: 2001 was fully 16 years ago; the war has been a sprawling and relatively random  (at least 14 countries have had military operations under the bill) without Congressional debate; and Congress needs to reassert its war powers authority under the Constitution and of course put a stop to this rampant militarism and endless war that only benefits the weapons manufacturers. Let’s get our congresspeople to rescind this permission for endless war!!

Let’s also support Roots Action’s call for a ban of weaponized drones. Our government is setting up killer drone bases all over the country and all over the world. The 107th Attack Squadron at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station is slated to begin assassinations from there by the end of the year, possibly the end of the summer. It is past time to grow the opposition to these horrors. Ban Weaponized Drones:

Immigrant & Refugee Justice Taskforce
Please call your NYS Assembly Members and ask them to support NYS ASSEMBLY Bill #4050. The subject Greenlight program restores access to drivers’ licenses to all community members, to avoid abusive immigration enforcement.  For more info, please go to

Vive la Casa, shelter for people awaiting documents and/or sanctuary, desperately needs toiletries, razors, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins/maxipads, storage shelves, baskets for storage and of course, CASH.
(Checks to Jericho Road/VIVE) 50 Wyoming St., Buffalo, NY 14211, 892-4354.

Also please support the Sanctuary Church, Pilgrim St. Luke’s UCC, (Utica and Richmond, Buffalo, NY 14222), with CASH to support the construction of showers.
For more info, call Rev. Justo Gonzales, (989-9207 OR 885-9443).

For more info, please go to


We still urge those of you reside in Sen. Chris Jacobs NYS Senatorial District to communicate with him on the Farm Workers Fair Labor Law. It supports farm workers, and includes them in fair labor bills in New York State. Sen. Jacobs WNY phone number is: 716-854-8705 or



REGULARLY SCHEDULED EVENTS in the One Movement, One Struggle

Riverside-Salem UCC/DC Progressive program and potluck.
Sundays, 4-7pm. Next gathering July 9. Programs vary, and include a go-round, discussion, sharing, and potluck.
Environmental Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island.

Talking Peace with the WNY Peace Center Radio Show on 91.3FM, WBNY
Mondays, 1-3pm.
Go to or

Buffalo Supports Standing Rock Water Protectors/Nekanesakt
Every other Tuesday, 6-8pm – next is Tues, July 11. Meeting with discussion, action planning, and striving for the Good Mind, at Burning Books, 420 Connecticut . Also supported by Indigenous Women’s Initiatives, NACS, Sierra Club, WNYPC.

Resist Militarism! Taskforce
2nd Thursday of month, 1-2:30pm, WNYPC, 1272 Delaware Ave (entrance & parking round back), regular taskforce planning meeting re vigils, National Bird showing(s), Infringement events, etc.
2nd and 4th Thursdays of month, 3:30-4:30pm. Vigil at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, Lockport Road Entrance. Call Russell 716-570-5200 for carpooling.

Fridays 2-3pm: Protest Liquid Nuclear Waste Shipments, Front Park.

Fridays, 6pm: Stop The Violence Coalition, United Way Building, Delaware and Summer Sts.

Saturdays, Noon-1pm: Women In Black. Nonviolence vigil, Bidwell and Elmwood.


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