Thanks for Successful Impeachment March, and Public Good Rally

Many, many thanks to endorsers, speakers, attendees, and well-wishers!! Those who were there experienced a thoughtful and caring crowd, standing up courageously for principle(s). Martha McCluskey is our shero, and how grateful we are to Sara Faduski, Jim Anderson, Victoria Guite, Annie Krause, Paul McQuillen (who spoke in that order) for their eloquence and insights. Wonderful job all round!!

Great thanks also to Brandi and Lee Jensen, Peggy Matteliano, Paul Harvey, Frank Gage, for essential help and support for the event, and our dear Riverside Salem UCC/DC who has a long history of courage and activism (including the founding of the WNY Peace Center, now in our 50th year!) – we couldn’t do any of it without you all!

Many thanks to Ismail Johnson & Co, including many great musicians especially Lonnie Barlow, who uplifted us.

Also to The Buffalo News for excellent reporting by Joe Popiolkowski! His article was well-done: clear and concise and to the point. See below!

Glad Spectrum News Buffalo reported, but so sorry that they seemed to imply that recent [unpresidential] tweets had something to do with the event – they didn’t. Putting oneself above the rule of law – firing principal investigator (Comey), ignoring emmoluments clause, etc. – did. Again, we’ll keep on supporting the principles and spirit of democracy and a culture of peace. Thanks and Solidarity, and yes Love!!!

About 125 people gathered in Lafayette Square on Sunday afternoon for an hour-long Impeachment March organized by the WNY Peace Center as part of a…|By The Buffalo News