Emergency Rally – Paris Climate Accords; Sat, 6/3

***Emergency Rally – Paris Climate Agreement***

Trump’s withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement requires an emergency response. We hope you can join us on Saturday – and beyond! We shall overcome!!

What: Rally for the Paris Climate Accords, protesting Trump’s withdrawal therefrom.

When: Saturday, June 3; Gathering at 1:30pm; Rally 2-3pm.

Where: Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY.

Who:  March for Science, and WNY Peace Center. All are welcome.

The President just pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Policymakers must know we care about the environment and our children’s futures, and we will be heard!

This will be an incredibly calm and peaceful protest. Please bring signs(either new or from the Earth Day March!)

The Buffalo March for Science will be selling shirts at this event to fund-raise for nonprofit status and future actions.

The WNY Peace Center is also sponsoring a June 2-4 ON-LINE #buffalomarchfortruth, as part of the National Day of Action#MarchforTruth.  Please go to #BuffaloMarchforTruth on Facebook to upload a video of yourself (and hashtag your representative!) sharing re the current need for truth.

The Truth is we all need to abide by the Paris Climate Agreement!! Si, se puede!

#BuffaloMarchForScience #BuffaloMarchForTruth F

or more info, go to wnypeace.org, or the event pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/515031775287682/?active_tab=about. Or call Vicki at 716-931-3520.

One: We are the People; Two: We Love Each Other! Three: We will not let them wreck our Planet!    See you there!