#ClimateMarch “Great . . . Beautiful”

We are so grateful to the many who worked, planned, and came out to give wonderful energy to protect People and the Planet at the People’s Solidarity Climate March here, the DC March, and all over the country!!

We’re especially grateful to our inspiring and insightful speakers – Dr. Michael E. Mann, Cong. Brian Higgins, Julie Barrett-O’Neill, Bill Nowak, the Lifesavers (don’t miss these heartening young people!!), Jessica Meyers-Altman, Agnes Williams – Seneca, Brandon Absher – and to Ismail & Co for the great music! And to our wonderful photographers, Johanna C. Dominguez (Activists of Buffalo on FB) and Alexis Oltmer (Univ @ Bflo: Bachelors of Photography). Our tablers, cosponsors, peacekeepers/guides, Brandi Jensen (videographer), the media (great coverage) …  A most special Nya weh too to our dear Indigenous friends Maria Maybee, Water Protector, and Agnes Williams, Seneca, Indigenous Women’s Initiative, for opening and closing.

Many many thanks to all who came out – estimates average 500. But however many, all who were able to come out were DEFENDING THE SACRED!! and as we have heard from Rev Dr King “… Unarmed Truth and Unconditional Love will have the final word in reality …” That’s why we shall overcome!