No Hate, No Mandate Rally, Women’s Marches = Historic Moment

For the 3,500-3,600 that came out, yesterday was a day to remember!!! (Especially for the 2,700 that stayed for the whole magnificent rally!)
Many, many thanks to all who came out, with your beautiful signs, your inspiring children, your words and acts of courage, compassion and unity!!!!
After the square was full, the crowd kept coming. Our inspiring speakers, representing both the WNYPC and many of the legion and growing number of groups connecting and working together, did WNY proud, as County Executive Poloncarz pointed out. So did the busloads and carloads who bravely went to DC to stand up for us all the the principles we uphold.
We stand for all our rights, including that of the Creation and our planet. We resist the creeping and barely disguised facism, racism, profiteering, and unabashed proclivity to violence of the new regime.
And crisis equals opportunity. With the energy, courage, and of our sisters and brothers, our daughters and sons, our mothers and father, our friends and neighbors, si se puede!/ Yes, we can!! And we will!!
WE SHALL OVERCOME!!    In Truth, Justice, Peace, Solidarity, and yes – Love…..