Buffalo Resistance Weekend

WNY Peace Center Weekly Update
January 19, 2017
Office Phone: 716-332-3904

Dear Friends,
Buffalo Resistance Weekend has begun! after some wonderful events all this week!

Remembering Rev. Dr. King’s legacy of nonviolent direct action, we’ll join together this weekend with ongoing movement-building and advocacy in the weeks, months, and years to come! We will not sit idly by while some are building what looks like a 4th reich of facism (big business running the government), racism, and kleptocracy!

We are standing up for human rights, civil rights, justice, solidarity and true nonviolence (including stopping state-sponsored violence at home and aboard) – We shall overcome!/Si, se puede!!

Peace/Salam/Shalom/Shanti!!   Nya weh/Asanti/Gracias/Tashakor/Thanks!!

Counterinaugural Activities

*Trips to DC:
It appears all buses to DC are full at this time. You can email mmilligan@tutorialsolutions.com to see if a seat opened up. And of course we’d love to have you join us in Buffalo at any of the below activities, including No Hate No Mandate, sister to the Women’s March on DC.


End of the World Party, coordinated by Citizen Action
Thurs, Jan 19, 7:30-11:30pm. 322 Amherst St., Buffalo.
Contact Samantha Nephew: (716)812-8508, snephew@citizenactionny.org

Thursday, Jan 19: Sendoff for two-day DC trip, 10pm, 1272 Delaware Ave. (WNYPC/NRC Bldg, parking round back).

Friday, Jan 20:

“No Trump, No KKK, No Racist USA” March, 4:30pm Niagara Square.
Coordinated by BARC (Buffalo Anti-Racism Coalition). See Facebook:
www.facebook.com/BuffaloARC/ .

Saturday, Jan 21:

1.) 11am-3pm: “Buffalo Solidarity Rally” Hub, coordinated by Stronger Together WNY at The 9th Ward, Babeville, 341 Delaware Ave (corner/Tupper).
Groups are welcome to table and network at this event to connect with potential volunteers; recruit; network; publicize etc.

2.) 12:30pm: No Hate, No Mandate March and Rally (1pm in Niagara Sq.) Sister to the Women’s March in DC (both on Saturday!!)
From The 9th Ward, Babeville, 341 Delaware Ave (corner/Tupper), to Niagara Square Rally (~1pm-2:30pm). WNY Peace Center coordinating.

Come stand up for what you believe in!! Let’s get ready to make participatory democracy actually work for the Common Good – before it’s too late! Please join in Solidarity for a Culture of True Respect, Justice, Peace, and – yes – Love for All!! Music and speakers. We Shall Overcome!!
No Hate, No Mandate is coordinated by WNY Peace Center with cosponsors of the entire weekend including Black Lives Matter – Buffalo, Buffalo Supports Standing Rock Water Protectors, Buffalo ARC, Burning Books, Citizen Action, Citizen Coalition for Wildlife & Environment, Concerned Clergy of WNY, Indigenous Women’s Initiative, Interfaith Peace Network, Lawyers of the Left, Liberty Union Progressives, Nekanesakt, NYCLU, OUTspoken for Equality, Pax Christi WNY, Peace Education Project, PeaceAction NYS, PeaceJam Buffalo, Planned Parenthood C&WNY, Sierra Club, Stonewall Democrats of WNY, Stronger Together WNY, SURJ, UB Sanctuary Campus Movement, Veterans for Peace #128, We Are Women Warriors, WNYmedia, and Women Elect (all also cosponsors of the rest of the Resistance Weekend). Riverside Salem United Church of Christ has joined with the WNY Peace Center to put on the No Hate Not Mandate March and Rally, which SEIU 1199, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, the Pride Center of WNY, and WNY Coalition of Peace-Justice-Nonviolence Advocates (itself 125 groups) is also cosponsoring, as well as the Solidarity Hub. New cosponsors are welcome. Contact WNY Peace Center!

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Buffalo Resistance Weekend Links and Graphics: Download and distribute widely: http://wnypeace.org/wp/task-forces/buffalo-resistance-weekend-graphics/

Latin America Solidarity Committee (LASC) of WNYPC

January Peace Coffeehouse: Haiti and Hurricane Matthew: How to Help.
First-hand reports by local efforts to help Haiti recover.
Monday January 23, 7-9 pm. Canisius College – Science Hall, 1901 Main St.
Convenient parking lot on Main St. near Delavan.
Guest speakers include Katherine Mang (Mother’s Club of Haiti microloans), Renee Geitz (First Trinity Lutheran Church projects in Torbeck, Les Cayes and Ile-a-Vache, Haiti) Rev. Elena Delgado (First Presbyterian Church and waterequalslife.org). Other groups with Haiti projects are very welcome; please help spread the news. Cosponsored by WNY Peace Center, LASC, and Peace Action-Canisius.


Success: our calls to President Obama to ask him to pardon and release Chelsea Manning bore fruit!! Call him one more time to ask him to pardon and release LEONARD PELTIER! And all political prisoners – including Mumia Abu Jamal, Robert Seth Hayes, & other Black Panthers! 202-456-1111 during regular working hours – before it’s too late. Or make your comment at www.whitehouse.gov/contact; or on FB messenger; or see the three petitions below under Resist Militarism!! AGAIN, your timely advocacy could make the difference.

Cabinet and Other Proposed Officials:

The proposed cabinet of P-E Trump is the embodiment of the foxes in charge of the various chicken coops. Please call or contact Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand to voice your opposition with the following (if indeed you agree 😉

*Rex Tillerson: inappropriate as Secretary of State as he, as former Chair & CEO of Exxon- Mobile, has had substantial business dealings with Russia and lobbied for ending sanctions to enable a proposed contract between Exxon-Moblie and Russia – egregious conflicts of interest.

*Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: outrageous as National Security Advisor as his Islamophobic remarks include claiming sharia law is spreading in this country (when it isn’t) and his having been a paid lobbyist for the Turkish Government shows his mercenary attitude toward national security.

*Sen. Jeff Sessions: inappropriate as Atty Gen as he has a history of racism, AND recently couldn’t affirm that irreligious persons may be just as correct as others in assessing law.

*Steve Mnuchin: inappropriate as Treasury Secretary as he has made millions on leaving the bank he directed that undertook rampant foreclosures on homeowners on trivial excuses.

*Scott Pruitt: inappropriate for leading the Environmental Protection Agency as he is (outrageously) a climate change denier (!!) and has sued the EPA 11 yes eleven times.

*Betsy Devos: inappropriate as Education Secretary as she doesn’t support public education and does support guns in schools!!

*Ben Carson: inappropriate to lead Housing and Urban Development as his only experience in this area is having grown up in public housing.


Cariol Horne Whistleblowers’ Fund
This fund, created by the WNYPC, was created a to support police officers who face reprisals from their department for choosing to strictly uphold their oath to protect and serve the community. The fund is named for Cariol Horne, former police officer, who faced reprisals when she saved the life of a citizen who was being subjected to excessive force on her duty. She was fired just prior to earning her 20-year pension.
The goal of the fund is to encourage good police officers to follow their moral conscience if and when it conflicts with the infamous blue wall of silence.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_wall_of_silence). So far $565 has been raised in one day. Please go to https://www.gofundme.com/cariol-horne-whistleblower-fund to contribute.
Many Thanks!!


Here are the addresses for 3 different petitions to free Leonard Peltier. If this doesn’t conflict with any of your principles, could you select the one you would like to sign. Please send to as many people as you can.
Thank You,


CHANGE.ORG <http://change.org/>

FREEPELTIERNOW.ORG <http://freepeltiernow.org/>
http://www.freepeltiernow.org <http://www.freepeltiernow.org/>

Northern Access Pipeline
Tell Gov. Cuomo! NO NORTHERN ACCESS 2016 PIPELINE Click here to see what you can do: https://niagarasierraclub.com/issues/northern-access-pipeline/

Standing Rock Water Protection

Buffalo Supports Standing Rock Water Protectors! Meeting. Part of Nekanesakt; Friends of the Indigenous People, a coalition.
Tuesdays, 6:30pm. Burning Books, 420 Connecticut St., Buffalo. Alternate weeks (i.e., January 24) the group focuses on No Pipelines (re NAPL, Enbridge).

You can donate through the Buffalo Supports Standing Rock Water Protectors Group. Warm winter clothes especially outer garments can be brought to Burning Books, 420 Connecticut St., Buffalo.
Money can be donated on-line through Riverside-Salem UCC/DC http://riversidesalem.org/ . (Specify “Standing Rock.”)
And/or make check contributions for Standing Rock Water Protectors
(with “Standing Rock” on the memo line of your check)
Payable to:
Riverside-Salem UCC/DC
3449 West River Road
Grand Island, NY 14072

Buffalo 25
No more calls to the U.S. Attorney’s office are wanted at this time. Thank you.
Please send contributions for the Buffalo 25 and their families payable to Trinity Episcopal Church (with #Buffalo25 on the memo line of your check)
Trinity Episcopal Church
371 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14202.

Upcoming Allies’ Events
(To submit items for consideration, please email to
weeklynews@wnypeace.org. )

Amber Canavan, Animal Rights Activist
Fois gras, animal liberation and jail
Syracuse activist Amber Canavan on her experiences rescuing two ducks from an upstate New York foie gras facility, documenting, publicizing the action and paying the price.
Thursday January 26, 7pm. Burning Books, 420 Connecticut St., Buffalo.

Native American Community Services of Erie and Niagara Counties (NACS)
All Our Relations Project (AOR)
The “All Our Relations” project is aimed at increasing the mutual respect,
understanding, and collaborations between Native and Non-Native groups,
organizations, persons, and others, as well as contributing to the health
and wellbeing of the Native American community & friends.
Free Cultural competency training in a wide variety of areas, voluntary
case management, and many Native cultural programs. To register, call Pete Hill, 716 874-2797, ext 348, or phill@nacswny.org
Save the Dates:
*Friday February 3, 1-4:30pm. “Expanding Trauma-Informed Care from Individuals to Communities – A Native American Perspective.” Pete Hill (Cayuga, Heron Clan) NACS’ Niagara Falls office, 1522 Main St. (Inside Family and Children’s Services, Niagara Falls, NY 14305
*Tuesday February 14, 1-4:30pm: “Addressing Unresolved Historical Trauma – A Native American Path towards Healing for All Our Relations” in honor of Black History Month. Pete Hill (Cayuga, Heron Clan), Frank E. Merriweather Jr. Branch Library, 1324 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo, NY  14208
*Friday, February 17, 1-4:30pm: “Traditional Teachings of the Good Mind”, Michael Martin (Onondaga, Beaver Clan). NACS office, 1005 Grant Street.
*Friday, February 24, 1-3:30pm: “Traditional Teachings of the Good Mind”, Michael Martin (Onondaga, Beaver Clan). John Duke Senior Center, 1201 Hyde Park Blvd., Niagara Falls, NY 14305.

Other regularly scheduled efforts in the One Struggle, One Movement:

Fridays 6pm: Stop The Violence Coalition, United Way Bldg, Delaware and Summer St.

Saturdays, Noon-1pm: Women In Black. Nonviolence vigil, Bidwell and Elmwood.
Sundays, 4pm Riverside-Salem UCC/DC progressive program and potluck. 3449 West River Road, Grand Island.

Mondays, 1-3pm, Talking Peace with the WNY Peace Center radio show on 91.3FM, WBNY; with Avery Edwards, Vicki Ross, and special guests. Go to wnby.buffalostate.edu or http://tunein.com/radio/WBNY-913-s27549/.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm Buffalo Supports Standing Rock Water Protectors! Part of Nekanesakt; Friends of the Indigenous People, a coalition.
Burning Books, 420 Connecticut St., Buffalo. Alternate weeks (ie, Jan 10) the group focuses on No Pipelines (re NAPL, Enbridge).

2nd and 4th Thurs of month: Resist Militarism! Anti-Weaponized-Drone Vigil at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, 3:30-4:30pm. Call Russell, 570-5200 for carpooling.

1st and 3rd Thurs of month: Interfaith Peace Network meeting and breakfast-luck, 8am-9:30am; NRC Bldg, 1272 Delaware Ave. Parking round back.