One Thousand come for Humanity Over Oppression; for Peace&Unity

Thanks to the many – estimated by the Buffalo News at 1,000! – who came out to stand up for principles – for humanity, compassion, safety and sustainability; and for the Spirit of Love and courage that we need to create a culture of peace and reverence for life and the creation!!

Many spoke, often with different points of view, but what shone through was that “The People United will never be Divided” and will enjoy “One Love” to help us “Get together and feel[/be] alright!”

Alaysa Dale, Rabbi Jonathan Freirich, Agnes Williams, Heron Simmonds[-Price], Lou DeJesus, Travis McNamara, and others – spoke beautifully, eloquently, of our charges, our needs: to welcome the stranger; to care for each other; to PARTICIPATE in public life; to listen and learn from each other; to protect our water, our brothers and sisters, and Mother Earth. The common good is our collective right and responsibility; and democracy is not a spectator sport. That much was agreed upon. As was the need to hear different ideas and truly consider them – which we also did!

And the many who spoke by their very presence, . . . and those who would’ve and will . . . the “We” – Power to the People. And all we are saying – well, you won’t be surprised to hear – is give peace a chance  😉

So while much is not clear, it IS clear that we need to focus on Humanity over oppression, people over profits, sustainability over greed, Mother Earth over the Corporation, in short for Peace & Unity and yes, Love, and for trying to be the change we want to see in the world.

Many thanks too to the wonderful musicians who led us in joyful communal music: Ismail & Co (Ismail Johnson and Lonnie Barlow); Preach Freedom; and Kilissa Cisosko all kept the Spirit moving! And with Spirit like that, we can be sure: We shall overcome!!