Citizens Over Oppression: A Peaceful Action!

Come join us on Sunday, Nov 13, at Noon at Niagara Square for a rally that puts justice, solidarity, and true nonviolence above all! Our laws support equal protection – no matter the color, gender, creed, or other characteristics! The time is now to show that we will stand up for equal rights, mutual respect, the common good, and for people over profits. As Alaysa Dale, co-organizer, writes

This is a call to all who do not wish to see hatred and bigotry control our lives anymore. This is a PEACEFUL RALLY. Please DO NOT give in to other’s hatred or any instigation. This is a rally in support of Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Rights, Women’s Rights, Latinos, Hispanics and our African American brothers and sisters as well as our Muslim neighbors. Let’s make it crystal clear Buffalo doesn’t stand with Trump or hateful ideals.
Once again, this is a peaceful action meant to support each other not divide.

There’s also a move to wear safety pins – indicating we will create a safe space in this post election reality check.

Please join us!! Bring signs and the Spirit of Justice, Peace, and Love!! Si, se puede!!