Extended period to comment

Due to the hectic pace of public comment coming in (5,394 comments as of now), the Public Service Commission has extended the deadline for public to comment on NY State’s Clean Energy Standard. So please comment!

The new deadline is Monday, June 6.

Even if you commented before, comment again. Even if your comment is two sentences long. It’s allowed. The PSC counts the comments!

Excellent talking points are at the following web sites (cut and paste and, if you wish, add personal stuff):

1. http://www.allianceforagreeneconomy.org/nukes-are-not-clean

2. https://atlantic2.sierraclub.org/…/clean-energy-standard-su…

3. https://niagarasierraclub.com/is…/ny-clean-energy-standards/


Or, if you know what you want to say (e.g., no nukes, fix the leaky methane infrastructure), go directly to the PSC web site:


and push the “Post Comment” button. Paste your comment (which you wrote beforehand).

Let’s make it 20,000 comments.