Weekly Update – February 24, 2016 – Additional Information

SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, April 30
If you are interested in being on the Coordinating Board of the WNYPC, please call the office at
716-332-3904 for information.
More information about the meeting to come.

WNY Peace Center Racial Justice Taskforce Meeting
Saturday, February 27, 3pm. Sewing Souls Studios, 356 S. Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY.
Topics include:
A. Community policing and Ethical Peace Officers, including speakouts in the various precincts/neighborhoods on a regular (perhaps monthly) basis (including people’s experiences and feelings). The objective of these events are two fold:
(1) Inform the general public about the ethical oath that Peace officers swear,
(2) Find out from those who come if they feel officers in their communities are living up to their oath.  Our goal in this is to build democratic support for the transformation of policing.  Policing today is unacceptably violent and disconnected from the communities they serve.  We will find out what the people desire in the way of reform and advocate for that change.
B. Work on whistle blower fund and support for courageous officers including Cariol Horne. Cariol Horne, former police officer, was unjustly fired [1 year before her pension] for stopping another police officer’s abuse of arrestee.

Film showing: [T]ERROR
Tuesday, March 15, 7pm. Hallwalls, 341 Delaware Ave (at Tupper), Buffalo.
Film screening on FBI entrapment
, [T]ERROR is the first documentary to place filmmakers on the ground during an active FBI counterterrorism sting operation.
Come out and see this amazing exposé. [2015 Sundance Film Festival (World Premiere, U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award – Break Out First Feature)]
Sponsored by the WNY Peace Center, OpenBuffalo and Hallwalls. For more info, call 716-332-3904, or go to http://www.thefilmcollaborative.org/films/terror