#MarchForOurLives Youth lead the charge

Huge thanks to the young people who spoke passionately and eloquently, with Truth, Love and Courage; to the youth who came out in the bitter cold, standing up and marching (“Hey, hey, ho, ho – the NRA has got to go”); and to the community for backing our youth – listening and learning from their refusal to accept the status quo.

Many came out – AT LEAST 3,000; really looked like more, especially when you compare it to the Women’s Solidarity March, when 4,500-5,000 came out! This was a colder day tho, with more people going to DC. Thanks to Mayor Brown, who paid for one bus in full. We’re grateful to New Yorkers Against Gun Violence for organizing, Mayor Brown for hosting, and the 50-some organizations that cosponsored!!


Also to Activists of Buffalo and Jay Burney for great photos (Activists of Buffalo for the post’s 1, 3, & 4th photos, Jay for 2nd); The Dooleys, Ismail & Co, and Women’s Resistance Revival Chorus for the Music; the Lifesavers for their wonderful presence and spirit; our wonderful speakers from the community and elected officials backing MFOL, and the stalwarts who stayed to the end in the bitter cold. However, we have our love to keep us warm, and our courage to keep us moving! And our lessons learned to make each event linked, sequential, escalating action that WILL  lead to real social change. Thanks to Youth for the promise of real change to come, and the courage to make it happen. We’re all in this together.

You’ll find lots more photos, videos, etc., on the Facebook event page. Thanks everyone for posting.

We Shall Overcome!! #neveragain; #unitethestruggles.